Kladruby (Kladruber)

Kladruby (Kladruber)

Here we can see, “Kladruby”

The Kladruber Horse is a rare domestic horse breed that originated in the Czech Republic and is the country’s only indigenous horse breed. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Kladruber Horses descended from old Spanish and Italian horses, and they share a common ancestor with the Lipizzan Horse.

The Kladruber Horse’s origins are clouded in mystery, as the Kladruber Horse’s 200-year breeding records were mysteriously lost by a fire that broke out in 1759. The only known information about the breed is that it was used as a carriage horse during the imperial court of Vienna’s significant festivities.

The Kladruber Horses used to be much more colourful, but with the disappearance of the breeding records, breeding has been restricted to black and white (mature grey) horses. Breeders closely follow selective breeding techniques to preserve the genetic traits of individual specimens. Two Orlov Trotters (between World Wars) and one Lusitano Horse (after World War II) contributed to the blood of this breed in the early 1900s. The black Kladrubers were primarily used to pull priests’ carriages.

The entire stock was liquidated in 1930 by selling these horses for meat, including one of the foundation stud’s people.

After this occurrence, the stallion was nearly depleted, with only a few mares remaining. Breeders later used these mares to re-establish breeding operations to keep the strain alive. The primary breeding site is the ‘Kladrubynad Labem’ (National Stud Farm) in the Czech Republic, where they have been bred for four centuries. Despite the ongoing breeding programme, the Kladruber Horse population is currently declining.

User Questions

When it comes to Kladruber Horses, how long do they live?

35+ years

What is the size of a Kladruber Horse?


63 – 67 inches


1100 – 1322 pounds

Kladruber Horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Black
  • Gray
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The Kladruby is a noble horse with a strong personality. It’s a tough horse with a lot of stamina.

What is the price of a Kladruber horse?

The Kladruber is a horse breed with multiple classes. The price ranges from $150.00 to $950.00 at retail. After levelling up in the Trader Role, it can be unlocked for 1 role token.

What is the purpose of Kladrubers?

Kladruber horses are suitable for both race teams and traditional dressage. They are frequently employed in equine-assisted therapy because of their calm and balanced disposition and make excellent companions for pleasure rides.

Is it true that Kladruber horses are draught horses?

They’re suitable for light draught and agriculture, and they’re used in the sport of combined driving at the world level. The placid attitude, endurance, and relative speed of the Kladruber are well-suited to this FEI activity.

Is Kladruber of German descent?

Kladruber (previously Equus Bohemicus) is a vast, warm-blooded horse of Spanish and Italian descent adapted to Central Europe’s harsh climate.

Are Kladruber horses of good quality?

A horse with a moderately higher level of bravery than the average. Compared to the Foxtrotter or the Turkoman, the Foxtrotter is less irritable towards predators. The Kladruber, unlike other horses, returns when called, even if danger is still present.

Is Kentucky Saddler a reliable mount?

The Kentucky Saddler is a robust breed ideal for farm work and riding. They are compact and well-muscled, ideal for long journeys across rugged terrain. They are also less prone to sickness and afflictions than fancier breeds.

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Is the Kentucky Saddler better than the battle horse?

Compared to the best horses, it outperforms the Kentucky Saddler in practically every way (speed unknown). However, the Hungarian Half-Bred wins in terms of stamina, while the American Standardbred wins in speed.

Is it still possible for geldings to mount mares?

The gelding that acts like a stallion is a typical veterinary treatment issue. Even while being ridden, these geldings may mount mares, act possessive of mares in a band, attain an erection, or follow mares. They may be more aggressive and difficult to control than regular gelding.

Why is my gelding acting so studly?

Some geldings may act stud-like because they have a retained testicle not dropped into the scrotum. If the horse has a retained testicle, a blood test can evaluate whether it has to be medically removed. More information can be found at Horse & Rider.


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