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Komondors have a distinctive corded haircut and are bright, friendly canines. These worker dogs, bred to guard cattle, are uncommon in the United States.

Komondors are one of the most identifiable dog breeds on the planet, thanks to their distinctive corded haircut. Because of their white cords, these enormous, brilliant dogs are also known as Hungarian komondors or komondor mop dogs. They were bred in Hungary to defend sheep, livestock, and herders.

These devoted, instinctive guardians are self-sufficient and responsible for their house and family, but they’re also caring and loving to those in their immediate circle. Though you could see a komondor dog on a farm or ranch now and then, this dog breed is uncommon as a family pet. They are, nonetheless, still popular in Hungary’s rural areas.

“Despite their unique double-coat appearance, Komondors are a huge, muscular breed recognised for being light on their feet,” explains Annette Louviere, DVM, a veterinarian for Wisdom Panel. “Because they are bold and friendly, they make good security dogs.”

User Questions

Do Komondors have dreadlocks?

Only a few dog breeds are blessed with vibrant dreadlocks. Like the Komondor, puli, and Bergamesco, some are born with it. Others, such as the poodle, Spanish water dog, and Havanese, can only obtain this look with the assistance of their human companions.

Do Komondor dogs have a distinct odour?

Komondors do not have a distinct odour. With essential grooming such as cutting around the genitals, bathing when necessary, and ensuring the dog is appropriately dry, you will find your Komondor does not have one.

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Are Komondors a decent breed of dog?

The Komondor, bred to protect herds, is apprehensive of outsiders and fiercely protective. In today’s homes, the Komondor serves as a devoted companion as well as a devoted security dog for its human “flock.” The Komondor gets along well with the family’s youngsters and is adaptive to other pets.

What is the cost of a Komondor dog?

The typical price of a Komondor puppy is roughly $1,000. You’ll probably pay a lot less if you discover one at a humane organisation or a rescue facility. Nevertheless, these are famous canines, and purebreds are uncommon in such settings. If you want a purebred Komondor, you’ll generally have to work with a breeder.

What is the average lifespan of a Komondor dog?

10–12 years

What is the size of a Komondor?


25.5–27.5 inches


80–100 pounds

What colours does Komondor come in?


Is it true that Komondors are hypoallergenic?


What is the best way to keep my Komondor clean?

The idea is to clean and dry the dog entirely. Squeeze the shampoo through each chord when shampooing. Make sure you’re not scrubbing circularly. Then it’s time to rinse, rinse, rinse.

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What is the best way to care for a Komondor?

Although the Komondor coat does not require brushing, it is far from maintenance-free. It’s critical to keep the hair clean and dry as the cords begin to form around eight to twelve months of age—a process in which the topcoat retains the soft undercoat—to avoid it becoming unclean and discoloured.

Is it true that Komondors are uncommon?

Because Komondors are uncommon in the United States, breeders are short.

Komondors have cords for a reason.

The adult coat intertwines with the puppy coat to make komondors cords; shaving eliminates the puppy coat. The coat that grows after shaving is more prone to matting and clumping, taking longer to build cords and gathering more dirt than the usual coat.

Do Komondors get along with cats?

Some Komondors aren’t good around cats. However, they have strong instincts to chase away creatures who aren’t part of their family. They don’t know when dogs are dogs; many Komondors are domineering or aggressive. Other animals can be gravely injured or killed by this powerful breed.


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