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The Korat is one of the world’s oldest and most stable breeds. In Thailand, Korats, known as “good luck cats”, is traditionally given in pairs, with special significance for brides as wedding gifts.

It’s simple to see why the breed has been so popular in its homeland for so long. Korats are intelligent, affectionate lap cats who form close ties with their families and have one of the most beautiful coats in the cat kingdom.

User Questions

Are Korat cats uncommon?

Because of its narrow gene pool, the Korat is an uncommon or minority breed in America. This could ensure that only individuals in the top ranks, or those who have been granted a Korat, are allowed to get the cat. Whatever the reason, the Korat has become a rare, highly treasured, and much-loved family member.

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Is it true that Korat cats talk?

The Korat is a peaceful cat who prefers a tranquil atmosphere, even though he may be bold with distinct likes and dislikes. Although he isn’t known for being talkative, he can make various sounds, ranging from a chirp to a scream, when he needs to communicate.

What is the price of a Korat cat?

Adopting Korat costs between $75 and $150. Buying a Korat from a breeder, on the other hand, might be excessively expensive; they normally cost between $600-$800.

What is a Korat cat’s personality like?

Temperament. The Korat is a very clever cat who is also a kind family member. Korats are more relaxed than other cats. They’ll make time to play and be active, but they’re as content to snuggle in their owner’s lap.

Is it possible to keep a Korat as a pet?

Korat cats may appear to be ideal decorative pets, but they are extremely gregarious and require a lot of attention. Korats are intelligent, active, and playful creatures who require a great deal of attention from their owners. They get along well with other pets and children, making them ideal family pets.

Is Korat suitable for people with allergies?

As you may be aware, some cat breeds, such as the Siberian, Sphynx, Korat, Devon Rex, and Balinese, are considered “hypoallergenic.” As a result, these cats lose less hair or naturally produce less Fel d 1 protein than other cat breeds.

Is it true that Korats are affectionate?

The Korat is noted for being affectionate as well as authoritative. This cat needs attention and will demand an owner willing to devote the time necessary to provide it. The Korat is a curious breed that likes being involved in whatever its owner is doing. It does not like to be left alone for lengthy periods.

How intelligent is a Korat cat?

Korat cats have a gentle, loving demeanour but are incredibly intelligent and lively. They are excellent home pets and are extremely loyal to their human mates.

What is the size of a Korat cat?

  • 9 to 13 inches in height
  • 6 to 10 pound weight range

What colours do Korat cats come in?

  • Blue.
  • Gray.

What is the fastest speed a Korat cat can run?

What is the fastest speed a Korat can run? Although no specific data is available, it is stated that the Korat exhibits extremes in terms of movement. They may either sprint around the house at 35 mph or relax in the house’s quietest corner.

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Is it true that Korat cats bring good fortune?

The Korat cat breed has a long history of being associated with good fortune. In Thailand, this breed is known as Si-Sawat, which refers to the cat’s superb coat and eye colour. The magnificent silvery-blue colour of these cats symbolised monetary abundance by the Thai people.

Is it possible for Korat cats to have stripes?

Adult cats have huge, peridot green eyes, but kittens have muddy, amber, or golden-green eyes that progressively change as they grow older, from two to four years. Korats occasionally have spectacular or subtle white patterns or patches or even very light grey stripes. However, this is uncommon.


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