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The Kuvasz is a hardworking, endlessly loyal breed that flourishes under the care of an experienced and loving pet parent, despite its size and beauty.

The Kuvasz, a rare dog breed with roots to Hungarian nobility and, curiously enough, Dracula, is a large but remarkably nimble dog. She’s recognised for her unwavering devotion to her family, as well as her natural distrust of everyone else. This white dog with a double coat needs early training and socialisation to ensure that her cautious attitude is tempered with confidence and trust; otherwise, she may be wary of everyone and everything outside her family.

She is brilliant and sensitive, but she also has a strong sense of independence and slowly matures. This, combined with the fact that the breed can weigh well over 100 pounds, necessitates the assistance of a knowledgeable pet parent who understands her physical and emotional requirements.

User Questions

Are Kuvasz dogs good for families?

Kuvasz is a guard dog. Thus, they can be wary of strangers while still protecting their family and home (be that family a flock of 100 sheep or two small children). However, they do want to be a part of a family, and if properly trained and socialised from the outset, they may become terrific family dogs.

How much does a Kuvasz set you back?

While the average price of a Kuvasz puppy is roughly $1,300, a puppy from a top breed line or parents with a strong pedigree can cost $2,000 or more.

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Is Kuvasz an intelligent choice for first-time buyers?

Kuvaszok puppies can be too energetic for young children, but adult Kuvaszok are loving and patient. This is a fearless and independent dog who requires patient and confident training. This is not the breed for a first-time dog owner or someone afraid of dogs.

Kuvasz is hypoallergenic, right?


How many Kuvasz do you think there are in the world?

In recent years, the Kuvasz has become increasingly popular. A few years ago, there were 100-150 registered dogs, but today, there are 250 new dogs registered every year, and there are also numerous unregistered animals.

What is the average lifespan of Kuvasz dogs?

10–12 years

What is the size of a Kuvasz?


26–30 inches


70–115 pounds

What colours does Kuvasz come in?


Is Kuvasz an uncommon bird?

Because these dogs make such excellent security dogs, they can be a little too pushy and strong-willed for most dog owners looking for a companion. They’re also uncommon because the Kuvasz dogs were nearly extinct during World War 2. These dogs are now ubiquitous in Hungary, but they have yet to attain worldwide popularity.

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Do Kuvasz dogs have a lot of barking?

Kuvasz should never be left outside unattended unless you live on a farm far distant from your neighbours. Then, your neighbours will call the cops to report the nuisance because of their booming barks.

What are the benefits of Kuvasz dogs?

The Kuvasz is a huge dog weighing up to 115 pounds and is a formidable guardian. His primary mission was to protect animals from predators, such as horses, lambs, and cattle. The Kuvasz functioned as guard dogs for the elite in the late 15th century.

Is Kuvasz a swimmer?

Kuvasz dogs in their later years are quiet, reserved, and appear to be aware of their size and strength. When playing and engaging with younger children, puppies should be closely supervised. Kuvaszok are excellent swimmers due to their athletic character. They are grateful for any chance to patrol their region.

How can you tell whether you’re dealing with a Kuvasz?

Kuvaszok have an extended, non-pointed skull with a distinct, non-abrupt stop that softly rises the forehead above the muzzle plane. The length of the dog’s head from the tip of the nose to the occiput should be slightly less than half their height at the withers.


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