Landais Pony

Landais Pony

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The Landais Pony is a small-statured equine breed that originated in the French department of Landes in the southwest. They have grown in favour because of their outstanding trotting pace, in addition to their driving and riding abilities.

The Landais Pony appears to be of historic heritage, with roots in foreign equine breeds such as the English and Arabian horses. The horses seen in the Lascaux cave paintings may have descended from this breed. The Arabian impact on these horses began with the Battle of Poitiers in the eighth century and continued into the early twentieth century. In their feral state, many of these horses roamed the marshes and forests of Landais. However, as the marshes were being cleared for harvesting, this breed was transferred to the coastal wetlands, frequently slaughtered by individuals who wanted to protect the dunes from ponies grazing.

Though they maintained a relatively constant population until the middle of the twentieth century, their numbers plummeted after WWII. Some of this breed’s ponies settled along the banks of the rivers Luy and Adour, along with other livestock and wild animals. Crossbreeding of the Landais with other large horses began after the war to give them a more robust height; unfortunately, this decreased purebred Landais Ponies. To restore the original horses, Welsh Section B stallions and Arab horses were introduced. According to a DNA analysis completed in 2008, the Landais Pony and four other horse breeds must be preserved by the French government. Along with other animals such as the French and English breeds and the Arabian horse, this breed contributed to the development of the French Saddle Pony.

Because there were so few heavier and taller Barthais Ponies that remained after the war, they were included in the Landais breed. Another breed, the Poney des Pin, was grouped with the Barthais until the 1950s when it became extinct. In 2010, most of this breed lived in Pau, while several were also found in Landais.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a Landais Pony?

25 years

What is the size of a Landais Pony?


46 – 58 inches


397 – 420 pounds

What colours does Landais Pony come in?

  • Bay
  • Black
  • Chestnut
  • Liver chestnut
  • Seal brown
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Is it true that ponies are friendly?

Ponies are typically thought to be intelligent and amiable creatures. They can also be regarded as obstinate or crafty. Ponies that have been adequately taught are suitable mounts for children beginning to ride. Adults can ride larger horses because ponies are often sturdy for their size.

What is the best pony to start with?

Children love Shetland ponies because of their small size, durability, and kind demeanour. Despite its diminutive size, this breed packs a punch. Some Shetlands are known for their stubbornness, and they may disregard directions from young riders.

Is it possible for a horse and a pony to get along?

Ponies and horses may and frequently do crossbreed. Their offspring are usually demanding and have good temperaments, making them appropriate for various horse activities.

Is it true that ponies make terrific pets?

Ponies are less aggressive than horses in general, but it is not good to approach any animal without someone familiar with the horse. That pony might wind up giving you a couple of nips! They may, however, be best friends after they have been tamed and given the attention they deserve.

Is it possible for a horse to give birth to a pony?

Without a doubt! Horses and ponies are frequently crossbred to generate offspring with both traits but are smaller in size.

Is foal a pony or a donkey?

A foal is a young horse, but a pony is an adult horse with a naturally low stature (less than 14.2 h). Fillies (females) and colts (males) are the names given to young horses; mares (females), stallions (un-castrated males), and geldings are the names given to adult horses (castrated males).

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What is the minimum age to ride a pony?

Young horses should not be ridden hard until they have reached a physical maturity level to carry weight safely. This occurs in most breeds when the horse is around two years old.

What are the prices of ponies?

Ponies may be smaller than horses in stature, but that doesn’t imply their purchase or upkeep expenditures are lower. A good pony might cost the same as or more than a horse. Expect to pay around $1,000 and above for a suitable first pony.

Is there a difference between a pony and a horse?

The primary difference between ponies and horses is their height. A horse is commonly defined as an equine that stands at least 14.2 hands tall (about four feet ten inches). A pony, on the other hand (pun intended! ), is equine with a height of fewer than 14.2 feet.


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