Lilac-Crowned Amazon

Lilac-Crowned Amazon

Here we can see, “Lilac-Crowned Amazon

Because it lacks the glitter and size of the yellow-naped and double yellow-headed Amazons, this medium-sized parrot, also known as the Finsch’s Amazon, isn’t among the Amazon superstars. Still, it makes up for it in companionability. The lilac-crowned Amazon is a charming and captivating character that, like many Amazons, is fearless to a fault but is full of personality and a loyal companion when properly socialised.

User Questions

What is the price of a Lilac-Crowned Amazon parrot?

A lilac-crowned Amazon costs around $1,800 on average. Bird Breeders is an online resource for finding lilac-crowned Amazons. Southwest Avian Exotic Rescue is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing exotic birds.

What do Amazons with lilac crowns eat?

The Lilac-crowned Amazon, also known as Finsch’s Amazon, has 40 to 60 years. These birds eat fruits (particularly figs), seeds, nuts, berries, flowers, corn, and bananas in the wild.

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Is it true that Amazon parrots are cuddly?

When kept as pets, they are affectionate and build close ties with their owners. They are an excellent alternative for bird owners who desire a considerable parrot but want a bird with a more laid-back attitude due to their friendly disposition.

How long do Amazons with lilac crowns live?

50 years and above

What is the size of a lilac-crowned Amazon?


12 – 13.5 inches


300 grams

What colour are Amazons with lilac crowns?


Are Amazon parrots suitable for novices?

Yes, Amazon parrots are an excellent choice for newcomers! Amazon parrots are gregarious and outgoing creatures. They enjoy playing and being noticed. On the other hand, amazons are medium to large birds with a powerful bite that can intimidate inexperienced bird handlers, resulting in more significant behaviour issues.

Is the Amazon parrot with the Lilac-Crowned Crown endangered?

Endangered species (Population decreasing)

What is the price of a double yellow-headed amazon?

Check animal shelters and rescue organisations before buying a double yellow-headed Amazon from a bird store or breeder. A breeder can charge anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 for one.

Is it true that Amazon parrots are aggressive?

Hormonal Violence: Amazon parrots are also renowned for going through a “hormonal” phase of aggression. This stage often occurs between the ages of 5 and 12. They are likely to be quite aggressive during this phase for one to two years.

Which parrot is the easiest to care for?

Cockatiels and budgerigars are the most affordable and straightforward to buy birds. They are usually parent-reared and make wonderful first-time pets, with the added benefit of not screeching like their larger cousins. A cockatiel that has been raised by hand will cost a little more.

Are Amazons with yellow crowns noisy?

The Yellow Crowned Amazon has an extensive vocabulary and can repeat complex sentences clearly and loudly. They can, however, be a little boisterous at certain times of the day, especially when ignored and bored. Their natural calls are piercing, sharp, and loud.

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Do Amazons with lilac crowns communicate?

Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots can learn an extensive vocabulary of words and phrases, despite their lack of speaking skills. They have natural solid calls. However, they aren’t heard very often. The bird will pick up a few phrases when it hears repeating noises and spends time around you.

Do Amazon parrots enjoy being pets?

It’s a friendly pet that enjoys engaging with humans. They are kind and affectionate companions due to their gregarious nature. While they are affectionate, they are also a very active breed that requires an owner to keep up with them.

Are Amazon parrots intelligent?

Amazon parrots are highly clever birds with a reputation for being extroverted and talkative. They acclimate well to life in captivity, effortlessly adjusting to their cage or aviary. Amazons necessitate a lot of mental stimulation.


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