Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Here we can see, “Lunkarya Guinea Pig”

Sweden gave birth to the Lunkarya guinea pig, often known as “Lunk.” The first known Lunkarya guinea pig was named “Prince Adam,” He was distinguished from the rest of his litter by his unusual coat variations. A genetic mutation rather than cross-breeding caused these unusual variances. They chose to breed him because of these strange variances, and thus the Lunkarya guinea pig breed was born. The Lunkarya originated in Sweden. Therefore, it’s most popular there, but it’s also popular in other European nations, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They are, however, quite rare in other regions of the planet.

The Lunkarya is a variant of the Peruvian guinea pig, a popular breed. “Lunkarya” was created by merging the words “Lundqvist” and “rya.” Lundqvist is the surname of the persons who discovered and created the breed, while “rya” means “sheep” in Swedish, which is likely due to the curly hair of this breed.

User Questions

Is it true that Lunkarya guinea pigs are uncommon?

The Lunkarya is a guinea pig breed with a distinctive untidy appearance. This kitty’s coat is dense and coarse, with hairs jutting out in all directions. This unusual guinea pig breed makes an excellent pet.

What is the average lifespan of a Lunkarya guinea pig?

5 to 7 years.

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What is the size of a Lunkarya guinea pig?


8-10 inches


Male: 900-1100 grams

Female: 700-900 grams

Lunkarya guinea pigs come in a variety of hues.

  • Orange
  • Grey
  • White


Lunkarya guinea pigs require a lot of attention. Because they have such long, curly hair, they need to be groomed regularly. Debris may attach to their coat, or their hair may become tangled if you do not groom them frequently enough. As a result, it’s critical to make sure you have enough time to groom your cavy properly.

You must also trim their nails regularly, like other breeds, to ensure that they do not get too long. If you fail to trim their nails and allow them to grow too long, they will curl, causing harm to their feet.

For the most part, caring for a Lunkarya guinea pig is straightforward and similar to caring for any other breed. Make sure they have a spacious enough cage (at least 30′′ x 50′′ recommended for two guinea pigs), eat a good diet, visit the vet as needed, and receive the love and care they deserve.

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Lunkarya guinea pigs are excellent pets because they are generally healthy and robust. They do, however, have a high danger of heatstroke due to their thick coats. If you live somewhere where the temperature is mainly warm, it’s preferable to keep your pet Lunkarya in a cold spot.

The Lunkarya, like other pets, is prone to health problems. The following are a few of these health issues:

Diarrhea: Diarrhea is a common ailment in the Lunkarya. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, which might cause diarrhea. If this occurs, you may want to reduce the number of vegetables and fruits they consume.

Vitamin C Deficiency: Vitamin C supplements should be included in the cavy’s diet to prevent this.

Pneumonia: In cold temperatures, a Lunkarya may become infected with pneumonia. To avoid this, keep them warm in cold weather.

In-grown Nails: To avoid this, keep your pet Lunkarya’s nails trimmed regularly to avoid infections and pain.


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