Moluccan Cockatoo

Moluccan Cockatoo

Here we can see, “Moluccan Cockatoo”

Because of its remarkable appearance and good temperament, the Moluccan cockatoo is a favourite among bird enthusiasts. Moluccans are also known as salmon-crested cockatoos due to the salmon-pink feathers that make up most of their head crest and display when they are enthusiastic, furious, terrified or delighted with something.

The Moluccan is a vast bird, one of the largest white cockatoo species, but it can vary in size because the territory where they live in the wild is large enough to support subspecies. The hue of the Moluccan cockatoo is rosy-pink, with the intensity of the pinkness changing from individual to individual. The feet and beak are black, but they are primarily coated in powder, giving them a grey appearance — don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep a Moluccan cockatoo as a pet?

The Moluccan tends to become a one-person bird when kept as a pet. Moluccans are clever birds who thrive in the face of adversity. When they’re in a good mood, they can learn to dance, perform stunts, and act as an engaging comedian. While Moluccans are famed for their devotion, males can become violent as they grow older.

What is the price of a Moluccan cockatoo?

This is another common cockatoo species, especially in the United States. This bird’s price ranges from $1,400 to $3,500, and it’s the most popular among bid vendors, so it’ll be easy to find.

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Is it possible for Moluccan cockatoos to communicate?

They aren’t known for their ability to communicate, although they will imitate a few words—indeed, they are more likely to shriek them. People adore Moluccan cockatoos for their friendly character, not their ability to talk.

What is the decibel level of a Moluccan cockatoo?

The Moluccan is the loudest cockatoo, with an average decibel range of 120 to 135 dB. Cockatoos are noted for their piercing screeches, making them terrified, too enthusiastic, in pain, unwell, ignored, or hunting for a mate.

Are Moluccan cockatoos on the verge of extinction?

Vulnerability (Population decreasing)

What is the average lifespan of a Moluccan cockatoo?

45 – 65 years

What is the size of a Moluccan cockatoo?


18 – 20 inches


830 grams

Moluccan cockatoos come in a variety of colours.


How do you know how old a Moluccan cockatoo is?

It is possible to estimate the age of a cockatoo by glancing at its eyes. The colour of a cockatoo’s iris can be a valuable tool for determining how old a bird is. Most species have dark-coloured irises when they are young.

What is the average number of eggs laid by Moluccan cockatoos?

Moluccans lay two or three eggs per clutch, and if the first is lost, they can lay a second clutch. The eggs are incubated for 30 days by both the male and female.

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How do you calm a screaming Moluccan cockatoo?

Teach your cockatoo that yelling won’t get you to come to her. When she yells, ignore her until she stops. Interact with her and give her snacks once she has been silent for at least five seconds. Soon enough, she’ll realise that screaming won’t get her what she wants: interaction with you.

Cockatoos excavate holes for a variety of reasons.

According to Mr Grima, Wild cockatoos prefer to build out nests in tree hollows where they can keep an eye out for predators. He suggested putting a box of shavings or bark in the cage for a pet cockatoo to dig in to avoid boredom.

Is it possible to tame a wild cockatoo?

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, in particular, are intelligent birds that have adapted well to human intrusion into their natural habitat. They’ve learnt to live in farmlands and suburban areas and have become quite docile around people.


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