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The Nooitgedachter is a lovely equine equally appropriate for experienced and occasional riders. It is an exceedingly kind, loyal, trustworthy, bold, and surefooted breed of horse great for equi-tourism. They are commonly employed for patrolling fences and even hunting and competing effectively in activities such as endurance, gymkhana, jumping, dressage, showing, hacking, and harness.

This breed is adaptable, clever, and friendly, and they are both agile and willing to work, making them easy to handle and train. These are horses that are suitable for people of all ages.

After the South African Department of Agriculture purchased a nucleus group of Basuto-type ponies in 1951, the Nooitgedachter began to evolve. Later, in 1952, an effort to breed these horses began to prevent the extinction of the famed Basuto. However, this effort was established in response to South Africa’s requirement for an indigenous farm and a horse capable of adapting to the region’s characteristic conditions.

Because inbreeding had occurred on a large scale in the past, the Nooitgedacht breeders had to use extreme caution while breeding these horses. As a result, the stallion Vonk, who was nominated as the breed’s founder and chosen by a departmental commission, and one Boer stallion and one partbred Arab horse were utilized in small quantities. Vonk’s early descendants were the ones who controlled the entire breeding operation.

As a result, practically all modern-day members of the Nooitgedacht breed are descended from it, either through the dam, the sire, or both. The foaling rate was as high as 90%, and the breeding rules were rigorous enough that only one out of every four horses was maintained.

A transparent and homogeneous “breed” of horses gradually emerged due to very methodical breeding. Eight studs from this study were given breeding stock of these newly modified horses in 1967.

After the breeding project participants created the Nooitgedacht Breeders’ Association in 1968, the breed’s breeding standards were defined to assist breeders and show judges. Following the successful completion of the development assignment in March 1977, the Department of Agriculture sold all of its horses associated with the breeding experiment at public auction.

Around 1979, the project was handed over to the Nooitgedacht breeders’ group, which had around 60 members at the time. The Nooitgedachter horse was the first indigenous breed of South Africa to be recognized by the South African Stud Book Association in 1976.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of Nooitgedachter Horses?

30 – 31 years

What is the size of a Nooitgedachter Horses?


52.8 – 64 inches


710 – 875 pounds

Nooitgedachter Horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Bay
  • Brown
  • Chestnut Roan
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What kind of pony is the rarest?

With fewer than 250 left on the earth, the Newfoundland pony, Dales pony, and Sorraia horse are the rarest and most critically endangered.

What is the world’s rarest horse color?

There are numerous prosperous colors among racehorses: bay, chestnut, and brown horses win many races. The rarest horse color is pure white.

What is the most uncommon horse pattern?

The chimaera coat pattern Brindle is a sort of chimaera coat design. While brindle is very frequent in dogs and cows, it is the most uncommon coat color in horses. Brindle stripes can appear in the shape of light or dark hairs on any base color.

Is it true that black stallions are uncommon?

Black horses aren’t relatively uncommon, although they are considered unusual among breeds. Black horses are divided into two categories: Fading black horses have a black coat that fades to a brown tint when exposed to regular sunshine.

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What is the price of the Golden Horse?

On average, these horses cost roughly $10,000, though the price can vary greatly depending on the horse’s age, health, training, and pedigree. Akhal-Tekes with a pronounced metallic sheen to their coats are frequently more expensive. If you’re thinking about buying one of these horses, try to spend some time with it before deciding.

Is a horse called a Grulla?

It’s the color of a horse, not a breed. Grulla comes in various colors, ranging from a mouse-like tint to a deep blue. It’s essentially a dun horse. The spine of a grulla is darkly striped, as are the shoulder stripes and leg barring.

Are white horses uncommon?

Actual white horses, on the other hand, are scarce. They are born white and remain thus throughout their lives, with dark eyes and pink skin. Most “white horses” are grey or cream.


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