Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound

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Intelligent Norwegian elkhounds are an ancient canine breed that fits well into an active, modern lifestyle. They are a loyal family companion and an enthusiastic outdoor playmate.

You’d think a Viking’s loving canine companion wouldn’t stoop to playing with lowly mortals like us. Fortunately, energetic Norwegian elkhound dogs are devoted to their homes and affectionate. They make excellent partners for hiking, swimming, hunting, herding livestock, and other rough-and-ready activities enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts. They’ll like being indoors, near to the fire, with a full belly, and within easy reach of pats and rubs once the work is done.

Montana Mountain Elkhounds is owned by Sofiah Hoefer and her husband Skyler in Missoula, Montana. Elkies, as they’re known, are a bold, clever breed with a lot of personalities, according to her. “They want adventure, freedom, and a sense of purpose.” They’re also cheerful, make quick friends with everyone they encounter and are fantastic family dogs with maternal instincts when it comes to children.”

User Questions

Is it true that Norwegian Elkhounds make good family dogs?

Like other northern-type dogs, the Norwegian elkhound is a fairly autonomous creature. This proud, intelligent, independent, yet affectionate animal thrives in a family with older children who are well-behaved or no children at all.

Is it true that Norwegian Elkhounds enjoy cuddling?

They are a dog breed that is extremely friendly to people. Because Norwegian Elkhounds are active dogs, they must burn off energy daily. Allow them to run and play outside, and you’ll have a dog who is eager to snuggle up with you while you unwind for the evening.

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What is the price of a Norwegian Elkhound puppy?

Adopting a Norwegian Elkhound costs roughly $300 to cover the dog’s care costs before adoption. Buying Norwegian Elkhounds from breeders, on the other hand, can be unreasonably expensive. Depending on their breeding, they normally cost between $700 and $5,000.

What is the average lifespan of a Norwegian Elkhound dog?

12 to 15 years

What is the size of a Norwegian Elkhound?


19.5 to 20.5 inches


48 to 55 pounds

What colors does the Norwegian Elkhound come in?

  • Gray
  • Black
  • White

Is it true that Norwegian Elkhounds enjoy swimming?

Swimming is a favorite pastime for most Norwegian Elkhounds, and it may be a terrific way to keep them cool during the hot summer months. Just be careful when they shake off their thick coats, or you might get a surprise shower!

What is the range of a Norwegian Elkhound’s sense of smell?

Norwegian Elkhounds are claimed to detect a scent from several kilometers away. Imagine being able to smell your target from a distance of two or three kilometers distant.

Is it possible for Norwegian Elkhounds to coexist with cats?

It’s a natural feature that you might not be able to “teach-out” of your dog. Although these dogs get along with cats, they should not be trusted with tiny animals. Norwegian Elkhounds enjoy hunting and following odors, but be aware that some owners have reported their elkhounds killing raccoons, opossums, and squirrels.

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What is the probability of seeing a Norwegian Elkhound?

Today, Norwegian Elkhounds are a threatened species. Because these canines were primarily bred for hunting, their numbers have plummeted in recent years. Only about 4,000 Norwegian Elkhound dogs are left in the world today.

Are Norwegian Elkhounds well-behaved when they’re not on a leash?

The Norwegian Elkhound is a ball of energy that is just waiting for the signal to go off. Because many Elkhounds have strong hunting and chasing impulses, this robust breed prefers intense activity – leashed or in a safe-contained space. Elkhounds have a lot of bark.

Is it possible to get a Norwegian elkhound as a first dog?

This friendly canine companion was bred to be an independent thinker. Consistent, positive training methods from a firm owner are required—but they may not be the best fit for a first-time dog owner. Norsk Elghund, Norwegian Moose Dog, and Elkhound are Norwegian Elkhounds.

Is it possible to hunt with a Norwegian Elkhound?

The hunting abilities of the Norwegian elkhound are not confined to elk. Badgers, lynx, mountain lions, bears, wolves, reindeer, and bunnies can all be hunted by these dogs. They’re also sought after as flock guardians, watchdogs, and sled dogs.


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