Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Here we can see, “Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Due to the popularity of other flashier Amazon, such as the yellow-naped Amazon, the orange-winged Amazon used to be more common in aviculture. Still, it is now fading slightly from the scene. The orange-winged Amazon is a “nice little bird,” but it doesn’t elicit the same level of emotion as some of the other Amazons. On the other hand, Orange wing lovers are adamant about this species, and Amazon fans, in general, will welcome the reduced price and the somewhat accommodating demeanour, even though certain individuals can be extremely cranky.

User Questions

Do Orange-winged amazons make a lot of noise?

The majority of these birds are green, with touches of blue on their throat and head, orange on the underside of their tail, and yellow-orange on their crown, wings, and the front of their cheeks. Amazons have a powerful vocal talent, and most of them are extremely loud.

How much are Amazon parrots with orange wings worth?

A breeder can charge anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for one.

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Does the Amazon with the Orange Wings communicate?

This bird is a natural communicator. Even non-speaking birds will love whistling and replicating sounds around the house, as many people can develop a solid vocabulary.

In captivity, how long do orange-winged Amazon parrots live?

80 years

What is the size of an Amazon parrot with orange wings?


13 inches


370 grams

What colours do Amazon parrots with orange wings have?

  • Green
  • Orange

Are Orange-winged amazons on the verge of extinction?

Lowest Level of Concern (Population decreasing)

How can you tell if a male or female Orange-winged Amazon parrot is present?

It’s easy to confuse it with Blue-fronted Amazons, but Orange-winged Amazons are the only amazons with orange wing feathers, as its name suggests. In addition, males and females have similar appearances, with the male having a more blue forehead and the female having a more yellow face.

Are Amazon parrots suitable for novices?

Yes, Amazon parrots are an excellent choice for newcomers! Amazon parrots are gregarious and outgoing creatures. They enjoy playing and being noticed. On the other hand, amazons are medium to large birds with a powerful bite that can intimidate inexperienced bird handlers, resulting in larger behaviour issues.

Is it true that Amazon parrots are aggressive?

The “hormonal” aggressiveness phase of Amazon parrots is also well-known. This stage often occurs between the ages of 5 and 12. They are likely to be quite aggressive during this phase for one to two years.

What causes the Amazon parrots to scream?

Amazons scream for a variety of reasons. They usually do so to attract your attention when their owner leaves the room or when they expect you to look at them and engage with them. Another factor to consider is stress, so pay attention to your bird’s behaviour and body language.

Is it true that female parrots are quieter?

Compared to their noisier, more raucous male counterparts, many parrot species’ females have a reputation for being the cuddlier of the two sexes.

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Are Amazon parrot bites painful?

Bite wounds are not only painful but also dangerous. Parrot owners have lost their pet birds’ eyes, fingers, and toes, and others have suffered traumatic injuries to their lips, ears, and noses.

Is it possible for a parrot to bite off a finger?

Large parrots’ sharp, curved beaks can crush nuts (and crush your finger bones). They’re powerful enough to cause permanent harm to your hands, ears, and face, even if they don’t bite your finger off. So please pay attention to their body language and be cautious.

Do birds return after they have flown away?

Yes, parrots do return if they fly away, according to this question. This is due to their inherent desire for friendship. Your parrot will most likely wish to return home after it flies away. You can also try to persuade your bird to return home with a little persuasion.


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