Pallid Gerbils

Pallid Gerbils

Here we can see, “Pallid Gerbils”

The pallid gerbil, giant gerbil, and Shaw’s jird are less well-known. Except in their home nations, they are not often kept as pets. Nevertheless, they are among the most well-known gerbils, and they have earned a spot on our list.

Gerbillus perpallidus, or pallid gerbils, are Egyptian gerbils. They are similar to Mongolian gerbils in size, shape, and colouration but have shorter bodies and long tails. A thin covering of pale orange fur covers them, fading into white across their middle. Because they live in hotter climates, they have thinner coats than Mongolians.

Similarly to the Mongolian gerbil, the pallid gerbil is easy to care for. The feeding, cleaning, and handling requirements are all the same. Pallid gerbils, on average, only live until they are around 5 years old if they are given good care.

User Questions

Pallid gerbils live for a long time.

5 years

What is the size of a pallid gerbil?


8.5 – 10.5 inches


26-49 grams

Pallid gerbils come in a variety of colours.

Pale orange

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Pallid do best in a tank, whether glass or plastic. They can be kept on the same bedding as Mongolian gerbils, typically wood-based goods such as wood shavings, hemp, etc. They must have access to sand for bathing regularly; otherwise, they will take care of themselves. They don’t require extra attention as long as their living conditions are adequately monitored.


Pallids are gregarious creatures who prefer to be in groups or pairs. Pallid wellbeing necessitates grooming, sleeping together, and playing together. Squabbling is the same way. Pallids, especially after meals, will chase and box each other. Males, in particular, are known to get into fights more frequently than females. They should be separated from time to time. Otherwise, their quarrel could turn lethal.


A regular gerbil mix with additional protein is required, and clean drinking water at all times. Three to four times every week, the water should be replaced. Pallid, like typical Gerbils, should be fed every day, depending on the amount of the rations.


Pallids are extremely sensitive to injections of any kind and can soon fall into shock or die as a result. Because not all veterinarians are aware of this, it’s a good idea to bring it up during any vet visits.

Is it possible to train gerbils?

Many gerbils can be trained to be hand-tame as pets with gentle handling. Their nutrition is uncomplicated, and their living quarters are simple to maintain.

Do gerbils enjoy being held?

Gerbils are friendly pets who exhibit affection to their fellow gerbils and humans. Petting, holding, and snuggling your gerbil are all ways to demonstrate affection. However, a fundamental kind of affection, such as being petted or held, will appeal to most gerbils.

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Is gerbil intelligence comparable to that of rats?

Emotional and social intelligence are similar in both animals. Rats and gerbils can build complicated relationships with their kind and their humans. Rats have similar degrees of physical and spatial intelligence to humans. They can dig complicated tunnels and navigate them just like gerbils.

Do gerbils enjoy running around in balls?

Some gerbils enjoy chasing each other around the house on exercise balls, while others are scared of them. If your gerbil doesn’t move when you put him in the ball, don’t force him to use it. Instead, keep an eye on your gerbil’s behaviour in the ball and take it out after 15 minutes.

Is it possible for gerbils to play with toilet paper?

Toilet paper rolls make fantastic chew toys for gerbils. They are composed of a soft material that will not harm their teeth. They’re also fibrous, which gerbils prefer to munch on. Toilet paper rolls are also untreated, making them safe to gnaw on for your gerbil.


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