Panda Bear Hamster

Panda Bear Hamster

Here we can see, “Panda Bear Hamster”

Panda bear hamsters, sometimes known as Panda hamsters, were initially discovered in the late 18th century in the Middle East. They’re thought to be a lovely and cuddly cousin of Syrian hamsters. Panda bear hamsters are appropriately named due to their black and white fur coats and resemblance to panda bears.

User Questions

Is it true that panda bear hamsters are aggressive?

Respiratory infections, wet tail illness, and skin ailments such as cysts and tumours afflict panda hamsters. Therefore, they should not be disturbed when they are resting or sleeping, as this can startle them and make them irritated and aggressive.

Is it true that panda hamsters are quite rare?

Pet stores call them panda bear or fancy bear hamsters to make them appear rare, while the correct name is Syrian hamster.

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What exactly is a panda hamster?

The panda hamster, sometimes known as the panda bear hamster, is a Syrian hamster with a distinctive coat colouring. As its name implies, the hamster version has a black body with white patches similar to panda bears.

What is the lifespan of panda bear hamster dogs?

2 to 3 years

What is the size of a panda bear hamster?


6 inches


99-150 grams

Panda bear hamsters come in a variety of hues.

Black and White


Panda bear hamsters like to be alone and avoid social connections with humans. They require their personal space and may become hostile and unpleasant if interrupted during sleeping. With this in mind, it is prudent to use caution to avoid being bitten by your small child.

They do, however, have a soft, gentle, and loving side to them, and they enjoy being noticed at times. So, to be their best friend, all you have to do is let them enjoy their space whenever they need it.

Syrian hamsters exhibit lonely behaviour in their native home, demonstrating their need for solidarity. So, if you’re getting two hamsters, think about getting two distinct cages for them. They only want to get along when it comes to mating and nursing. Aside from that, they try to establish their territorial dominance, leading to a conflict if another hamster enters their territory.

As a result, it’s critical to provide them with their own space to avoid fights and serious injury.


Panda bear hamsters enjoy interactive toys, delectable treats, and a variety of other hamster products since they are energetic and interested. Therefore, it’s critical to keep them occupied while they’re in their cage so that they stay pleased throughout the day.

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You can keep them entertained by placing a robust wheel inside their cage that will meet their exercise needs and help them stay fit. You may also buy them a ball or a flying saucer to play with. However, please do not play with the tubes because they may become stuck as they expand and become chubby.

I made the mistake of giving my Syrian hamster a tube and had to deal with the consequences, so be cautious with yours.


Pellet meal formulae are suitable for a dietary foundation since they often provide a well-balanced and full nutritional composition. However, it would help if you still supplemented your Panda Bear hamster’s diet with various fresh items. For food suggestions, see our earlier blog on the Syrian hamster. Celery, cherries, walnuts, carrots, whole grains, and other things could be added as well. Pastries, cakes, and candies should never be fed to a Panda Bear hamster since they contain sugar. In Panda Bear hamsters, this can lead to major health issues like diabetes and obesity.


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