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The papillon is a bright, active little dog whose distinctive appearance has made her a royal favorite for decades. She’s now content in almost any family.

The Papillon is one of the rare canines whose appearance says, “I’m fancy.” The papillon has been a favorite dog of royalty and artists for about 600 years, thanks to its teeny-tiny stature, silky soft coat, and characteristic big ears that give the breed its name (papillon is French for “butterfly”).

The papillon is the dog world’s Christy Turlington; the first thing you’ll notice about them is their dazzling good looks and refined attitude. Ms. Turlington has degrees in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophy, and the papillon’s skull is home to a sharp mind that constantly places her among the world’s brightest dog breeds.

User Questions

Is a Papillon suitable for a family?

While papillons are wonderful family dogs, they should be kept away from extremely young children. Papillons are tougher than they appear, but they are still small-boned canines that can easily injure children who play rough.

What is the price of a Papillon dog?

Adopting a Papillon costs roughly $300 to cover the dog’s care costs before adoption. Buying Papillons from breeders, on the other hand, can be unreasonably expensive. Depending on their breeding, they normally cost between $800 and $3,000.

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Is Papillon a shedder?

Papillons have a single undercoat that is long, silky, and easy to maintain. Papillons shed a considerable amount. Therefore, they should only be bathed when required. Your Papillon will be ready to work for the crowd if you regularly trim their nails and brush their teeth.

Does Papillon have a lot of barking?

Papillons are often outgoing, joyful dogs who enjoy sitting in laps and running around the home. Despite their active and energetic nature, they are not regarded as high-strung, neurotic, or afraid, and they do not bark excessively. The average papillon enjoys associating with both cats and dogs.

What is the average lifespan of a Papillon dog?

14–16 years

What is the size of a Papillon?


8–11 inches


5–10 pounds

What colors does Papillon come in?

  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Fawn
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Liver

What is the fastest speed a Papillon can run?

At least, that’s the case when it comes to speed. However, because they can reach speeds of up to 18 mph, catching a Papillon in your yard or near your house may be difficult. Apart from that, as long as they’ve exhausted themselves running, they’re quite low-key dogs.

Why should you avoid getting a Papillon?

Fragility. Too many individuals buy a puppy from a toy breed without realizing how delicate the breed is. Stepping on or sitting on a Papillon puppy can cause significant injury or death. Likewise, by leaping from your arms or off the back of your sofa, papillons might harm or kill themselves.

Is a Papillon covered on both sides?

Only the topcoats of breed standard papillons are present. Single-coated papillons, for example, may not be as tolerant of harsh heat or cold as a double-coated dog. In addition, as I previously indicated, they lack the insulating undercoat that keeps double-coated dogs cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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Are Papillons’ stomachs sensitive?

Papillons’ stomachs are frequently sensitive. Colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) and pancreatitis are two digestive illnesses.

Is Papillon suitable for people with allergies?


Do Papillons enjoy swimming?

Although Papillons are capable swimmers, many of them dislike water and will intentionally avoid it. But, like any other breed, some papillons enjoy swimming. Everything boils down to personality, even if this isn’t typical behavior for this dog.

Is it true that Papillons have hair or fur?

The Papillon’s long, flowing hair has no undercoat and is straight, smooth, and silky. A ruffle of hair cascades down his chest. His gorgeous butterfly-like ears have hair on the outside and medium-length silken hair inside.


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