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Paso Fino

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The Paso Fino was created by crossing the Spanish Jennet, Barb, and Andalusian horses. It is known for its unusual four-beat pace. The Paso Fino’s fluid gait, intelligence, liveliness, endurance, and exquisite form are all due to this.

Andalusians, Spanish Barbs from North Africa, and smooth-gaited Spanish Jennets are thought to have been utilized on Columbus’ second voyage to the “New World” almost 500 years ago (a now extinct breed). Centuries of careful breeding by people who colonized the Caribbean and Latin America resulted in several horse breeds famed for their endurance, smooth stride, and beauty; the Paso Fino is one of these kinds. The Paso Fino was first popular in Puerto Rico and Colombia and then spread to other Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Venezuela.

The Paso Fino, which originated in Puerto Rico, resembled the Spanish Jennet, a refined show horse. Horse fanciers seeking to improve the Paso Fino imported other comparable variants from Latin America for crossbreeding after being introduced to the United States from Puerto Rico in the mid-1940s, resulting in the modern American Paso Fino.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Paso Fino horse?

20 years

What is the size of a Paso Fino Horse?


52 – 60.8 inches


700 – 1000 pounds

Paso Fino horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Chestnut
  • Bay
  • Palomino
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Roan
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The Paso Fino horse is a kind and friendly creature. Its gentle demeanor makes it an outstanding show horse, as well as a good saddle horse. The Paso Fino is also highly devoted to its master.

Why do Paso Fino horses walk in such a peculiar manner?

This is a display gait that is only used in competitions. Any observed departure from the rapid evenly spaced sequence of steps, such as walking, trotting, or cantering, is grounds for disqualification at any moment throughout a fino event. The paso corto is a slightly longer version of the paso corto utilized on trail rides.

What is the name of the Paso Fino gait?

The Colombian Paso Fino, which has grown particularly popular in the United States, frequently executes a ‘Trocha’ gait in addition to the traditional Paso Fino gait. Characteristics that set it apart: The Paso Fino is recognized for its distinctive gait, which comes in three speeds: Classic Fino, Paso Corto, and Paso Largo.

What is the purpose of Paso Fino horses?

Competitive trail riding, endurance riding, mounted shooting, parade riding, drill team competitions, working cattle, and so much more are among the various disciplines and activities in which Paso Fino’s excelled. These horses are frequently seen in the show ring, ridden in both English and Western styles.

Is it true that Paso Fino is a nice horse?

The Paso Fino horse is a kind and friendly creature. Its gentle demeanor makes it an outstanding show horse, as well as a good saddle horse. The Paso Fino is also highly devoted to its master.

What criteria are used to evaluate Paso Finos?

The Paso Fino Country Pleasure Horse should be a quiet, mild-mannered, safe pleasure horse that maintains balance, ease, and mobility. In addition, it must have an impeccable demeanor. Therefore, this lesson is graded on 20 percent Walk, 20 percent Corto, 20 percent Largo, 10 percent appearance and manners, and 20 percent manners.

Is it possible for Paso Fino to gallop?

Although Paso Finos can walk, canter, and gallop like other horses, their favorite gait is a four-beat lateral gait. The uniformly spaced pattern is there from birth and does not need to be taught to the horse; however, it can be refined and enhanced for the show ring through training.

Do Paso Finos have the ability to trot?

The Paso Fino can walk and canter relaxed, but they do not trot. Instead, they walk at varying speeds in an even, lateral four-beat gait, the Paso fino, Paso Corto, and Paso largo.

Do Paso Finos have the ability to lope?

Other natural horse gaits, including the flat walk, lope, and canter, are also possible for Paso Finos.

Is it possible for Paso Fino to walk normally?

The Paso Fino is noted for its adaptability and ability to perform different natural horse gaits, such as the relaxed walk, lope, or canter.

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Is it possible for Paso Fino horses to jump?

Pleasure, displaying, trail riding, endurance riding, driving, barrel racing, reining, mounted shooting events, and field dog trials are all examples of where they are used. Some of them are bred to work on cattle farms. A jumping class comparable to hunter hack is also available. Furthermore, the Paso Fino is capable of walking and does so.

What is the cost of a Paso Fino horse?

Depending on its quality, a Paso Fino horse can cost anything from nothing to over $100,000. The average Paso Fino horse’s average pleasure or casual show level costs less than $8,000. Some elite, worldwide show quality Paso Finos cost well over $100,000, but the average pleasure or casual show level Paso Fino horse costs less than $8,000.

Are Paso Finos uncommon?

Paso Finos from Puerto Rico are highly adaptable, sure-footed, and robust horses that may be employed in various equestrian sports. Unfortunately, fewer than 500 of these horses are registered in the United States, and there are fewer than 2,500 worldwide.

What is the number of gaits on Paso Fino?

Paso Fino horses are calm, powerful, and athletic horses that make ideal trail riding partners for riders of all skill levels. Classic Fino, Paso Corto, and Paso Largo are the three gaits used by Paso Fino horses. Stride length and speed differentiate the paces.


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