Pentro Horse

Pentro Horse

Here we can see, “Pentro Horse”

The Pentro Horse is a beautiful, autochthonous neo-Italian horse breed with a storied heritage. They are spirited horses who are also gentle with their owners. Even though these horses were intended to be beasts of burden, they come from a breeding area with unique climatic and geographic characteristics. According to history, these exquisite animals were also used for herding other animals and even for the manufacture of inexpensive meat. In addition, they’re interesting because of their rustic appearance.

This loyal Italian breed has lived in the southern Italian marshes for millennia, with only a few feral individuals remaining now. They are, unfortunately, on the verge of extinction.

Pentro horses are mainly used for riding and as a working breed nowadays. Therefore, the Pentro is one of the few equine breeds suggested for the record of husbandry. Modern study has also proved that the pentro horses could survive due to their adaptability.

The Pentro Horse is named after an ancient tribe known as the ‘Pentri.’ This is a Samnite tribe, which appears to be one of the most prominent subdivisions of the Italian nation.

There is no conservation program in place in this little area of Italy, where only a few of these horses are there. Instead, existing pentro horses are being raised as feral animals that are deemed a part of the country’s current ‘fauna.’ Because of the intense climate fluctuations, the natural conditions of living in these locations were genuinely frantic and arduous. While the winters in these areas were quite harsh, with flooding and plenty of precipitation, the summers were dry for these horses. In addition, the parasites that existed in the area were a significant factor in the livestock’s demise. Furthermore, indigenous carnivores from the adjacent National Park, such as bears and wolves, were discovered in the area. These predators posed a constant threat to these defenseless herbivores.

In the past, however, this was not the case. The Pentro, like many other Italian horse breeds, had been bred all year in open fields. Initially bred for riding, the Pentro Horse was used to combat local wolves that had become feral in the countryside. On the other hand, these horses were developed to produce low-cost meat for everyday consumption. However, this breed is primarily utilized for general riding at the moment. The pentro horses were first developed in Isernia, a region in the Molise region of Italy. Still, they are currently in danger of losing their individuality due to the entrance of exotic genetic material for general breeding and development.

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Because the Pentros is a purebred indigenous horse, breeding was previously restricted to specific climatic conditions and geographic areas in Italy. The pentro is one of fifteen indigenous horses designated as ‘breeds of limited distribution’ by the Italian breeders (AIA).

Although this horse breed is a significant parameter when examining the traditions and history of the country from whence the equine sprang, it is not currently included in any conservation effort.

The breed is currently on the verge of extinction, with a population of only 250 individuals. Only about two-thirds of the pentros adhere to this breed’s physiological parameters set forth. The few living individuals are scattered across a 2200-hectare broad plain in hilly locations spanning Abruzzo and Molise, adjacent to the Italian Abruzzo National Park.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Pentro Horse?

25 – 31 years

What is the size of a Pentro Horse?


52.8 – 64 inches


770 – 875 pounds

Pentro Horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Chestnut
  • Gray
  • Bay
  • Black
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