Peruvian Paso

Peruvian Paso

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The Peruvian Paso, a popular light-riding saddle-horse, is a direct descendent of the Spanish breeds brought by the conquerors. It has evolved into one of the world’s purest horse breeds. This breed is recognized for its ‘termino,’ which has been called “the finest accomplishment of genetic selection ever achieved.”

The Peruvian Paso’s lineage may be traced back to the Spanish Jennet, known for its ambling gaits. However, its stamina, strength, style, action, and conformation were influenced by other breeds such as the Barb and Andalusian. The first significant horse export to the Americas took place in the 15th century, with a boom in the middle of the 16th century.

The Peruvian Paso was designed to meet the demand for a pleasant and easy ride, particularly for long-distance transport and plantation management. Breeders in Peru have preserved the bloodline pure for decades by deliberately breeding to maintain the movement, temperament, and conformation. Only the best-gaited individuals were bred, resulting in the present Peruvian Paso. The breeders didn’t need to cross it with other breeds to produce taller, faster, heavier horses.

With the construction of major highways and an increase in vehicle travel, the usage of Peruvian Paso as a form of transportation in the southern part of the country decreased dramatically in the 1900s. However, it remained popular in the northern half of the country. However, the advent of Agrarian Reforms by the government in the late 1960s had a devastating effect on the breeding of Peruvian Paso. As a result, large breeding ranches closed down, resulting in the loss of breeding stock. Many of the most outstanding individuals were moved to the United States and Central American countries, causing many experts to conclude that the Peruvian Paso might have perished in its origin. Surprisingly, this breed has had a rebirth in Peru in the last thirty years.

User Questions

How long does Peruvian Paso live?

25 – 30 years

What is the size of a Peruvian Paso?


56 – 60.8 inches


900 – 1200 pounds

Peruvian Paso comes in a variety of colors.

  • Chestnut
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Bay
  • Buckskin
  • Gray
  • Roan
  • Dun
  • Palomino
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What is the price of a Peruvian Paso horse?

Peruvian Pasos are commonly priced between $2,000 to $10,000, making this breed a viable option for many potential owners. You might be able to adopt a Peruvian Paso from a horse rescue organization, or you could contact local and national rescue groups.

What is the purpose of Peruvian Paso?

Because of their superb temperaments and the comfort they provide their riders, these horses have gained international acclaim. They are utilized for pleasure, trail riding, showing, livestock work, endurance riding, and parades.

Are Peruvian Paso horses suitable for novice riders?

Because the Peruvian Paso Horse is calm, it is suitable for novice riders. In addition, the Peruvian Paso Horse has a sophisticated and graceful appearance due to its muscular and well-developed body.

Why do Paso Fino horses walk in such a peculiar manner?

This is a display gait that is only used in competitions. Any observed departure from the rapid evenly spaced sequence of steps, such as walking, trotting, or cantering, is grounds for disqualification at any moment throughout a fino event. The paso corto is a slightly longer version of the paso corto utilized on trail rides.

What kind of horse is called a smooth rider?

The Peruvian horse is the smoothest riding horse in the world today because of its unique four-beat lateral stride, which is a genetic feature of the breed.

What is the cost of a Paso Fino horse?

Depending on its quality, a Paso Fino horse can cost anything from nothing to over $100,000. The average Paso Fino horse’s average pleasure or casual show level costs less than $8,000. Some elite, worldwide show quality Paso Finos cost well over $100,000, but the average pleasure or casual show level Paso Fino horse costs less than $8,000.

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Why do Paso Finos walk in a certain way?

The Paso Fino horse’s gait is entirely natural and is displayed from birth. It’s a four-beat lateral gait in which each foot contacts the ground in a regular sequence at precise intervals, resulting in a quick, uninterrupted rhythm.

Is the Paso Fino horse an uncommon breed?

The Paso Fino is an uncommon and attractive equine partner because of its vibrant yet controlled spirit, natural movement and presence, and sensitive attitude. The Paso Fino has many applications and can withstand all seasons and climates.

Is it possible for Paso Fino horses to jump?

Pleasure, displaying, trail riding, endurance riding, driving, barrel racing, reining, mounted shooting events, and field dog trials are all examples of where they are used. Some of them are bred to work on cattle farms. A jumping class comparable to hunter hack is also available. Furthermore, the Paso Fino is capable of walking and does so.


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