Pet food industry supply chain intact during COVID-19


Though many pet food industry providers have ready for the outbreak, there’ll nevertheless be increased prices and transport difficulties in the distribution chain.

At the start of April, many of the pet food manufacturing supply chain remained undamaged, regardless of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. But, industry leaders can’t predict how the Covid-19 pandemic will finally influence sources of materials for pet food formula, packaging, and manufacturing.

“Though we’ve experienced limited direct effect thus far, the speed of change means it isn’t feasible to forecast what’s going to occur next,” pet food packaging provider Mondi Consumer Flexibles’s vice president of North American advertising, William Kuecker, stated.

Supply chain transparency and seasoned center leaders help Mondi evaluate risks and make proper decisions as the problem continues to evolve,” he said.

Ahead of the pandemic struck, pet food ingredient provider AFB International designed contingency plans to maintain business during different disruptions, such as viral outbreaks, Jared Lozo, AFB president, stated. The organization’s supply chain group has mitigation programs for substances that are likely to be influenced by COVID-19.

Other steps were taken by AFB contained:

  • Identified and procured components in danger because of the source (other nations ) for the short term, including raising ingredient provides at existing providers.
  • Recognized and pre-qualified alternative, added providers.
  • The procurement team communicates regularly with key providers to make sure no supply interruptions will happen.
  • Added hours and changes had been inserted at centers to encourage requirement.
  • Secure outside warehousing to handle additional stock volumes.

Possible COVID-19 challenges to pet food sector supply chain

Though many pet food business providers have ready for the outbreak, there’ll be increased prices and transportation problems in the distribution chain.

“Together with airlines practically shut down and trucking routes being cut as a result of driver availability, the outcomes are twofold greater prices, and longer lead times,” Lawrence Blitz, president of Green Source Organics, stated. “Inevitably, these prices might need to be consumed by the customer. It is too soon to comprehend the ramifications that this will have on agricultural goods. As we head into spring planting season here in California, if there’s a shortage of migrant labor because of border closures or national staff issues during the series, it might lead to weaker harvests and higher prices.”

Since the pandemic continues, a return to normal could be months off. In the end, the pandemic could negate fluctuations in pet owners purchasing customs, while mass unemployment and economic instability change global pet food sector routines.

“Everybody’s crystal ball is hazy at best about the ending point of the present outbreak,” Scott Krebs, executive vice president of Extru-tech, stated.

United States Department of Homeland Security officials described Extru-tech, and much of the rest of the pet food sector, as”Critical Critical Infrastructure Workers” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The national bureau deemed pet food, ingredient, and packaging facility employees as required for”ensuring continuity of functions crucial to public health and security, in addition to national and economic security.”

“As a crucial business’ standing, Extru-Tech, Inc. will stay open for business,” Krebs said. “We’re doing everything we can to execute projects and orders on time and preserve our supply of spare components and solutions for both new machines in addition to existing plants.”

Even though the future might hold unknown challenges, for the time being, the pet food sector remains resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I don’t like to forecast the near future, but our distribution chain was examined, and we’ve been able to climb to the event,” Mark Liberman, Peel Plastics vice president sales and marketing, said.


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