Plush Lop Rabbit

Plush Lop Rabbit

Here we can see, “Plush Lop Rabbit”

If you’re into rabbits in general, you’ll eventually come across the adorably wide-eyed, floppy-eared Plush Lop. You may not be aware that it is available in two sizes: miniature and standard. So, in the size of your choice, you could have one of your own, ogling over their incredibly silky fur and upstanding sociability.

While Plush Lops are distinct from other rabbit breeds, they have many of the same characteristics in terms of care. They, too, have distinct personalities and characteristics. Let’s have a look at this exact breed to determine whether it’s a suitable fit for you and your other pets.

Devie D’anniballe, a breeder in the United States, produced the very soft Plush Lop in 1995. Her plan was to develop a breed that embodied her ideal of what a bunny should look (and act) like.

When she first started, she chose a miniature lop and a miniature rex. She introduced the Holland Lop because the litters weren’t yielding the perfect specimen.

D’anniballe later added the Netherland Dwarf to the mix to make an even smaller rabbit. As time passed, she worked carefully to breed out any faults linked with these breeds—and the result?

D’anniballe achieved her goal of creating the ideal rabbit.

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The disposition and build of the Plush Lop are both exceptional. Their bodies are compact and solid, and they are hardy and strong. They’re great playmates for kids and excellent companions for other rabbits.

Plush Lops are inquisitive and energetic, but they also enjoy sitting on your lap. They are suitable for people of all skill levels and are appropriate for almost any home. Because of their laid-back demeanour, they make excellent cage mates for other laid-back bunnies.

Another breeder, Christine Toyer, produced the standard Plush Lop breed a few years after the small Plush Lop was perfected. This variety is frequently described as having the fur of a Rex but the spirit of a Holland Lop.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a plush lop rabbit?

7–14 years

What is the size of a plush lop rabbit?


10 – 14 inches


907.7 – 2267 grams

What colours are the plush lop rabbits?

  • Solid
  • Shades
  • White Point

Is it necessary for tiny lops to have a companion?

The Mini Lops prefer to live in a bonded pair. Allow time for two rabbits to get to know one another before putting them in the same enclosure, but once they are acquainted, they will make excellent companions.

Is it true that micro lops bite?

If not properly cared for, mini-lop rabbits can be aggressive, biting and kicking their back feet. They need a lot of attention since they like to flaunt themselves and be seen.

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Is it okay if I bathe my pet rabbit?

Rabbits are extremely clean and rarely require bathing. Bathing them can be dangerous since they fear water and may thrash around, breaking a limb or their spine.

What is the definition of “plush rabbit”?

The Plush Lop is a domestic rabbit breed that comes in two sizes: miniature and standard. A Canadian Plush Lop breed is also being developed. The Velveteen Lop breed, which has a similar look, is also being developed. The first plush lops were miniature plush lops.

What’s the best way to acquire a plush lop?

Christine Toyer in Australia produced the Standard Plush Lop later, in 2002. She mixed the Standard Rex with the Dwarf Lop Rabbit to create a breed that matched the Rex’s short, silky coat with the Lop Rabbit’s lovable nature.

How much do lops set you back?

A pet Holland Lop rabbit costs an average of $40, although they can cost anywhere from $20 to $400 or more.


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