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The Indian ring-necked parakeet, the African ring-necked parakeet, and the Alexandrine parakeet are the three Psittacula species more widely available as pets. Psittacula is mostly green in colour, with long tail feathers and a ring of dark feathering around the neck. Psittacula is called parakeets, but they are far larger than most people imagine when they hear the word “parakeet.” A Psittcula parakeet would dwarf the budgie, commonly referred to as a “parakeet” in the United States.

User Questions

What is the price of a ringneck parrot?

Prices average from $400 to $500, but depending on the organisation and the bird, you could pay more than $700. If you’re planning to buy from a breeder, make sure they’re respectable by asking how long they’ve been breeding and working with Indian ringneck parakeets.

What is the lifespan of Psittacula?

30 + years

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What is the size of a Psittacula?


14 – 16 inches


130 grams

What colours does Psittacula come in?


Are rose-ringed parakeets suitable as pets?

Hand-fed and well-acquainted Rose-ringed parakeets are excellent pets if given proper care and attention daily. In addition, the Rose-ringed Parakeet is one of the most intelligent talking parakeets, capable of learning up to 250 words.

Do ringneck parrots communicate?

These birds are well-known for their ability to communicate. With their humorously high-pitched calls, ringnecks have one of the most endearing voices among companion birds. They usually begin talking between eight months and one year, and they are quick learners, especially if their humans spend meaningful time with them every day.

Ringneck parrots eat a variety of foods.

Fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, grain, domestic scraps, and even meat are all eaten by ring-necked parakeets. They frequent bird tables and garden feeders, especially during the winter when many other food sources are scarce.

I’m not sure if I should acquire a male or female Indian ringneck.

Though his tail is slightly longer, the female ringneck has a stockier physique and thicker feet than the male. Your parrot is more likely to be a male if his head is more square in shape and the colours surrounding his cheeks are brilliant.

Is it true that ringneck turtles make a lot of noise?

Although ringneck parakeets are recognised as excellent talkers, some individuals may not appreciate the constant sounds of them practising words. Although they can make harsh sounds, many ringnecks choose to communicate in a more subdued manner throughout the majority of the day.

Is it necessary to keep Indian ringnecks in pairs?

If you have these birds as pets, you should not keep them in the same cage. Indian Ringnecks are noted for being hand shy, even when hand-fed, and if not handled regularly, they will rapidly revert to being wild. In addition, if you keep them in the same cage, they will most likely connect and become untamable.

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Is it true that ringneck parrots are cuddly?

One of the most popular pet birds globally is the Indian ringneck parakeet. They’re adorable and smart, but they’re not as popular as dogs or cats. Nevertheless, these intriguing critters are perfect for anyone who has a lot of space and time and wants an active pet but is easy to care for on their own.

Why is my ringneck shrieking?

Vocalizations in parrots can be caused by boredom, disease, injury, lack of activity, or simply as an expression of joy. For example, when birds are left alone for an extended period, they may begin to scream because they have nothing else to do and because it normally attracts the attention of a human in the room.

Is it possible for female ringneck parrots to communicate?

Yes. Female Indian ringneck parakeets can talk and do it pretty well. The female Indian ringneck parakeets, according to Joyce Baum of, can be quite skilled talkers, much like their noisy male counterparts.


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