Quaker Parakeet

Quaker Parakeet

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The quaker parakeet, also known as the quaker parrot or monk parakeet/parrot, is one of the most popular parrots of its size due to its availability, low cost, and excellent mimicking abilities. Although many regions consider them pests and have forbidden them, this bright, smart 12-inch bird has been able to establish enormous wild colonies from Southern Florida to the Northeast and Midwest, making them a delightful addition to the landscape of those areas.

User Questions

Is it possible to have Quaker parakeets as pets?

Quaker parrots, sometimes known as “clowns,” are recognised for their active, spunky personalities and fun-loving, funny demeanour. However, because they prefer a lot of attention, not everyone can meet their care needs. On the other hand, a quaker parrot may be a loving and engaging friend for the proper person.

What are the prices of Quaker parakeets?

Quaker parrots range in price from $250 to $550, depending on how the bird was raised and the breeder’s reputation. However, it’s understandable why so many people want to adopt a quaker parrot because they’re such confident and gregarious birds.

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In which states are Quaker parakeets prohibited?

California, Colorado (unless owned before 1990), Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wyoming are among the states that have outlawed Quaker parrots as pets, according to the Quaker Parakeet Society (QPS.)

Are Quakers a good choice for a starting bird?

For beginners, smaller parrots are advised. On the other hand, Quaker parrots are often regarded as the finest choice for beginners. This is because they quickly pick up new skills and build deep attachments to their owners. In addition, because they are among the most intelligent parrots, they are very easy to train.

Do Quakers make a lot of noise?

“They can be loud and offer a terrible bite, just like other parrots,” Krueger added. “Quakers have a squawk that is loud and harsh, but not the worst. “While Quakers can be loud when they want to be,” Burgess added, “they are normally one of the quieter parrot species.”

What is the average lifespan of a Quaker parakeet?

20 – 30 years

What is the size of a Quaker parakeet?


12 inches


100 grams

Quaker parakeets come in a variety of hues.

  • Blue
  • Green

Is it true that quaker parrots bite?

Quaker Parrots, like many other birds, can bite. Despite their little size, Quakers can deliver a nasty bite and even draw blood when they set their minds to it. If you don’t correct your Quaker Parrot when it bites, the behaviour could become habitual.

What is the ideal cage size for a Quaker Parrot?

Because Quaker parrots are little birds, they require a cage that is at least 18 inches (45.7 cm) tall, 18 inches wide, and 18 inches deep for each bird. You should purchase a larger cage for your bird if you have the financial means.

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What makes quaker parrots so costly?

The cost of owning a Quaker Parrot extends beyond the original purchasing price. When shopping for a Quaker Parrot, it’s crucial to remember that these birds aren’t permitted to maintain in every state. Some states prohibit keeping these birds as pets because they are considered a potential threat to crops and agriculture.

Are Quakers soft and cuddly?

Quaker parrots have long, gradated tails and are medium-sized parrots. They are intelligent, hardy, and generally welcoming to outsiders. Quaker parrots can be anything from aggressive, biting, noisy, and irritating to charming, humorous, affectionate, and engaging in their behaviour.

Quaker parrots scream for a reason.

Although Quaker parrots are loud, they are not as effective screamers as other, larger parrot species. Their shrieks and cries are quieter and less resonant. A screaming and the shrieking parrot is trying to attract your attention. This is a common way for them to express boredom or loneliness.


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