Recyclable dog, cat food packaging trials at R&D facility


One focus of this Centre is the evolution of sustainable pet food packaging choices using Coveris’ movies and other substances.

At adjustable packaging manufacturer, Coveris’ Bundle Innovation Centre at Halle, Germany, pet food businesses can run trials using their goods on vertical form fill seal packaging machines to test for issues. Founded in early July, the Centre can help pet food manufacturers avoid production stoppages in their centers by troubleshooting issues ahead.

The Centre can conduct trials on pet food packaging for dry kibble, treats, and comparable pet meals, with a pillow, gusseted, four corner seal luggage, HFFS for circulation packages, or stand-up components, Barbara Sternig, manager communications, and marketing, said in an email.

“With the equipment we’ve got in the Package Innovation Centre, we have the ability to replicate the operation and operate on eventual issues with no clients needing to discontinue their production in their center,” she explained. “Inside Coveris we’ve developed a particular questionnaire to direct our client in conducting packaging trials, so making certain they can concentrate on the essential things and getting the entire knowledge on how the individual movie performs.”

One focus of this Centre is the evolution of sustainable pet food packaging choices using Coveris’ movies and other substances.

“During recent months we’ve managed to create new material choices so as to enhance the recyclability: MonoFlexE that’s a polyethylene laminated movie, MonoFlexP a polypropylene one, but likewise some paper and blended but simple to recycle mixtures like the Bag-In-Bag,” Sterling explained. “These options empowers the user to recycle mixed construction in a much better way without sacrificing the functioning of the plastic coating ”

More about Coveris’ Package Innovation Centre out of a media release

Coveris’ new technological development center will welcome people at a dedicated distance of over 400 square meters. The manufacturing area has packaging machines, such as thermoforming, tray-sealer, and form-fill-seal machines to supply a vast assortment of industrial trial chances allowing on-site testing and instant validation. The Centre intends to offer you an exceptional consumer experience, combining trials with cross-functional training sessions and committed workshops, tailor-made to its clients’ creative demands.

The workshop place was built as an open area – favoring market, talks, sharing of knowledge, and experience. It’s supposed to host external and internal events, all leading to growing their future packaging. Covers inner specialists, together with renowned industry experts, will frequently provide insights on the latest raw and packaging material tendencies.

Adding into the Bundle Favorable Centre at Leeds, UK, the Coveris Bundle Innovation Centre signifies the next building block of their Coveris forward-thinking initiative centers. The Package Positive Centre, which has specialized in customer insights, has a spouse using all the brand new Pack Innovation Centre, which brings technical advancement, validation, and coaching.


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