Rex Guinea Pig

Rex Guinea Pig

Here we can see, “Rex Guinea Pig

The Rex Guinea Pig is a famous and popular guinea pig breed. It has a short, wavy coat that resembles that of a hedgehog. Rex guinea pigs are friendly and quiet, and they enjoy being touched and petted. This makes them an ideal pet for children who are responsible. Their short, stubble-like coat helps protect them from water by standing up like a hedgehog. However, some Rex guineas have slightly longer, wavier coats than others. They are a low-maintenance guinea breed with short hair that does not require regular care or bathing.

They typically grow between 20 and 40 cm long and can survive for up to seven years. They have large, floppy ears that drop down from their thick woollen fur, giving them a pleasant and adorable appearance. They are an excellent guinea pig for a youngster or a first-time owner because they are easy to care for and require very little specialist care.

User Questions

Is it true that Rex guinea pigs are friendly?

Rex Guinea pigs are extremely friendly and loving creatures who enjoy being petted and have lovely personalities. Because their energetic temperament requires a considerable amount of space in their cage to run around and play, they enjoy the human connection. They are curious and amiable, making them ideal children’s pets.

Is it true that Rex guinea pigs are soft?

The Rex resembles a scruffy Teddy guinea pig in appearance. The Rex’s coat is wirier than the Teddies’. Teddy bears from Switzerland, and the United States have silky fur and smooth, straight whiskers. They have curled whiskers as well.

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Rex boar guinea pigs are a type of guinea pig.

The Rex guinea pig is a guinea pig breed, sometimes known as the Rex Cavy Pig. The cavies have cute, curly, and frizzy whiskers, as well as an amicable, polite, and calm demeanor that makes them popular with other pets!

What is the average lifespan of Rex guinea pigs?

5 to 8 years

What is the size of a Rex guinea pig?


7-15 ​inches


700-1200 grams

Rex Guinea Pig comes in a variety of hues.

  • Brown 
  • White

Are Rex guinea pigs smaller than other guinea pigs?

That’s about a ten-inch difference in size! One guinea pig could be more than twice the size of the other if you have two rexes! We have, however, seen some smaller ones that are only six inches long! REX TIP: Because rexes can grow huge, monitoring their diet is necessary.

What is the appearance of a Rex guinea pig?

The Rex is a guinea pig with a rough coat. The dense coat stands sharply out from the body, with hairs little longer than 1cm, giving it a hedgehog-like look. The coat has a fuzzy feel because of the lack of guard hairs. The Rex has a substantial droopy head and large ears.

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Rex guinea pigs can survive both indoors and outdoors in moderate climates. Because they only have one coat with no guard hairs, they are less suited to cold weather than other breeds. They’ll need the following items in their hutch:

  • Climbing surfaces and hiding spots.
  • A never-ending supply of hay and clean water.
  • 1 cup of fresh produce every day is recommended.
  • A daily ration of vitamin C-fortified guinea pig pellets.
  • Toys that can be chewed on are also available.
  • You can line their hutch with sawdust, which you can refill every few days, or with a washable fleece lining.

Guinea pigs are a social species. Thus, they need at least one guinea pig to keep them company. Unrelated males may fight; therefore, the best combinations are brothers, unrelated sows, or sows with a neutered male. There’s no reason your Rex pigs can’t be kept among other breeds like Abyssinian or American pigs.

Rex guinea pigs are known for their quickly developing toenails. As a result, you’ll need to watch them and practice rimming them. Standing them on a towel and distracting them with a carrot or celery stick while you work is the easiest way to do this. If they wiggle, wrap them in the towel, only allowing one foot to poke out at a time. If you unintentionally grab the quick of their nail, you can get antibacterial wound powder from pet stores to stop the bleeding.

Is it true that Rex Guinea Pigs are hypoallergenic?

No. Many curly and wire-coated dog breeds are hypoallergenic, according to popular belief. This isn’t true for dogs, and unfortunately, it’s also not valid for guinea pigs. If you have an allergy to guinea pigs, you are likely to have an allergic reaction to Rexes as well.


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