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The Saluki is a rare breed that requires opportunities to be active in the safety of a fenced-in yard. Slender, highly fast, and attractive, the Saluki is a rare breed that requires options to be engaged in protecting a fenced-in yard. Find out if the Saluki is a good fit for you.

The Saluki is an ancient and rare breed that is a fantastic hunter and a devoted friend. Although they appear lanky, these medium-sized dogs are agile and athletic.

Salukis are independent thinkers who like activities that allow them to use their natural inclinations to run. They are part of the AKC hound group and are sighthounds (dogs that hunt largely by sight rather than smell).

Salukis are one of the fastest breeds for running great distances and masterful hunters and are favoured by kings, pharaohs, and nobles for chasing down short animals like gazelles. These characteristics make them unsuitable for apartment dwellers or first-time dog owners, but if you live an active lifestyle in a warmer area and have access to a large fenced yard, a Saluki dog may be a good fit for you.

User Questions

Are Salukis suitable as family pets?

Salukis are great companions for older kids, but they aren’t advised for families with small children. Young Salukis are tolerant, but they can be too energetic for youngsters under the age of eight, and their thin skin and knobby bones make them prone to damage if children aren’t careful.

Is it true that Saluki dogs are friendly?

These are amiable, friendly canines who can form attachments to a single person. However, they are easily distracted and, at times, aloof. Salukis prefer to live indoors since they are incredibly loyal to their families.

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Is it true that Salukis are extinct?

Because most of their forebears are extinct, obtaining a pure Saluki breed is impossible. However, around the 1920s, the English and American Kennel Clubs recognised them, and their popularity has steadily grown since then.

Is it true that a Saluki is hypoallergenic?


What is the average lifespan of a Saluki dog?

12–14 years

What is the size of a Saluki?


23-28 inches


35-65 pounds

What colours do Salukis come in?

  • Fawn
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Yellow

Do Salukis enjoy cuddling?

On the other hand, this breed requires clear boundaries, or he will take advantage. Many sighthounds are touch-sensitive, and they might be startled if they are touched unexpectedly and uncomfortable if they are snuggled too much. A Saluki could be the appropriate dog for you.

Do Salukis have a lot of barking?

However, besides eating and digging, Salukis don’t do anything wrong. They aren’t overly pully, don’t bark excessively, and aren’t a hyperactive breed.

Are Salukis able to communicate?

The Saluki’s predisposition to “sing” when in danger, anxious, or — on the other hand — bonding with a family member is a particular personality feature. The singing resembles a high-pitched wail with varying volumes.

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Are greyhounds and Salukis related?

The Saluki and Greyhound are closely related breeds. They are both quick and like working out. They’re both obstinate when it comes to training, but they get along with other dogs and most family members.

Do Salukis take a lot of naps?

Salukis are also far too swift and cunning to be caught if they escape through the back entrance. Salukis like to sleep on beds, sofas, and chairs instead of on the ground. If you don’t have fencing, you’ll have to keep your Saluki on a leash at all times and find a safe place for him to run around.

Are Salukis obstinate?

Salukis are aware of their thoughts. They’re headstrong and independent; therefore, they’re not usually the easiest breeds to train. They are more engaged in chasing and retrieving objects than in obeying commands. Begin training your Saluki while they are young or as soon as you bring them home.

Are Salukis friendly creatures?

The Saluki dog has a calm, sensitive, and reserved demeanour. When strangers enter the house, he will be very curious about what is going on around him, yet he will be aloof and bashful.

I’m not sure what to feed my Saluki.

Food/Diet. It is critical to feed the Saluki a high-quality dry food diet. Although many people only feed their dogs once a day, many Saluki owners free feed their dogs. This means the dog has access to dry food throughout the day.


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