Shaw’s Jirds

Shaw’s Jirds

Here we can see, “Shaw’s Jirds”

Finally, there’s Shaw’s jird, which stands in stark contrast to the well-known but little-loved great gerbil. The Shaw’s jird, or Meriones shawi, is a giant gerbil breed that yet maintains the look of a little, charming pet. Instead of a skin-covered tail, they frequently have very long tails covered in tiny, fine hairs, giving them a more appealing appearance than some other hairless gerbils.

Shaw’s jirds are prevalent in North African nations, although they are rarer pet gerbils available in pet stores. Females are hostile and quite territorial. Therefore, they are not as lovely as the first three gerbils on the list. Two male Shaw’s jirds or a male and a female Shaw’s jird should be kept together.

Shaw’s jird’s fur can be black or tan on top and white underneath. They’re usually reasonably gentle around people and don’t like being handled. They only bite on rare occasions. Once these gerbils have become accustomed to their human counterparts, they frequently become milder than any other gerbil species.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of Shaw’s jird?

1–2 years

What is the size of Shaw’s jird?


5.5 inches


91 grams

Shaw’s jird is what colour?

  • Yellow
  • Brown
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Creating a Cozy Environment for Your Jird

  • Choose a spot in your house to keep the jird.
  • Purchase a large gerbilarium or a glass tank.
  • Bedding should be added to the tank.
  • Toys should be provided.
  • Allow plenty of active exercise time for your jird.
  • Make eye contact with your jird.
  • As needed, clean the tank on a spot-by-spot basis.
  • Clean the tank regularly.

Taking Care of Your Shaw’s Jird

  • Give your jird a pellet and seed diet as a foundation.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be added to your jird’s diet.
  • Sometimes, serve some meat.
  • Ensure that fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Keeping an eye out for potential health issues

  • Keep a close eye on your jird’s feeding habits.
  • Make sure to inspect their coat; it should be brilliant, soft, and well-kept.
  • Check to see if your jird is keeping its weight.
  • Take note of any changes in your conduct.
  • Examine your jird’s cloak.
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian.
  • Read a complete gerbil handbook because gerbils and jirds are the most comparable creatures.

Shaw’s Jirds eat what?

Taking Care of Your Shaw’s Jird Give your jird a pellet and seed diet as a foundation. Provide your jird with a pelleted food that is all the same. Gerbil muesli also works because they are the same animal.

Is it easy to care for gerbils?

Gerbils are popular pets because they are easy to care for and have no odour, but they do have some unique needs that must be met to keep them happy and healthy. Gerbils must live in pairs or groups due to their social nature. A gerbil’s lifespan is usually 3 to 4 years.

Do gerbils make a lot of noise at night?

Gerbils are very active creatures. They have a lot of energy and can make a lot of noise when awake. If your gerbil is particularly noisy at night, it may prevent you from sleeping. Gerbils can’t be made to sleep.

Is it okay for me to keep gerbils in my room?

Gerbils can be kept in your bedroom, but it’s best to keep their cage away from loud noises such as the television. On the other hand, keeping your gerbils in your room can be a lot of fun for both you and them.

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Is it possible to litter train gerbils?

Your gerbil can be toilet trained. Set up a litter pan filled with sand or chinchilla dust for new pets, and let your gerbil become used to using it. Place the litter tray at the gerbil’s preferred bathroom for established gerbils; the odours should encourage it to use the tray.

Is it possible for gerbils to eat pine cones?

Pine cones are made from pine trees; however, they don’t have the same aromatic properties as the conifer trees from whence they come. As a result, gerbils can safely nibble on them.

Is it true that gerbils pee on you?

When gerbils are anxious, they will urinate on a surface to identify the item with their fragrance or to mask a harsh alien odour. As your gerbils become more accustomed to you and how you treat them, they will pee on you less frequently.

How many faeces do gerbils produce?

Every day, gerbils poop a few times. Gerbils can generate anywhere from 5 to 20 pellets per day, depending on how much they eat. However, when compared to other rats, this is normal and not out of the ordinary. As a result, they make excellent pets for young children.


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