Silver Marten Rabbit

Silver Marten Rabbit

Here we can see, “Silver Marten Rabbit”

The Silver Marten rabbit was formed by crossing tan and black rabbits with chinchillas. It is one of the smallest breeds with a commercial body type. This was done to improve the chinchillas’ fur, but it ended up spawning a completely new rabbit breed. It was in 1921 that Silver Marten rabbits were first sold as pets. They are some of the softest and most unique of all pet rabbits.

Humans keep around 350 different varieties of farmed rabbits as pets, but Silver Marten rabbits are among the most easily recognised. They’re lovely rabbits with ultra-soft coats that are black on top and silver on the bottom.

Silver Marten rabbits have been present since the early 1900s, but they are a rather uncommon breed. With a maximum weight of 9.5 pounds, they’re small for rabbits with a commercial body type, which means they’re small for rabbits.

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In 1927, a year after the breed was created, the first club dedicated to it was founded. Additional colour variants, such as blue and sable, were soon adopted. Though these bunnies make excellent pets, they are most commonly seen at pet and agricultural exhibits, where they frequently win “best in show” awards for their beauty and elegance. Even if they aren’t widely kept as pets, they are often regarded as lovely and endearing companions. They are also kept for meat production because their meat is thought to be tasty and they produce a lot of meat, with each rabbit averaging 8 pounds of meat.

These rabbits are known for their toughness and adaptability. They’re ideal for all climates and can withstand both frigid winters and scorching summers.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of the Silver Marten Rabbit?

5 – 8 years

What is the size of a Silver Marten Rabbit?


10 – 13 inches


2948 – 3855 grams

What colour are the Silver Marten Rabbits?


What are the uses of silver marten rabbits?

In both pet and agricultural shows, the Silver Marten rabbit is quite popular. They make excellent pets and are described as “lovable and charming.” The breed is also capable of producing meat.

How Much Do Silver Marten Rabbits Cost?

Silver Marten rabbits are notoriously difficult to locate. However, if you are able to identify some that are for sale, they will not be prohibitively expensive. A decent Silver Marten rabbit will cost you around $30-$60 on average. Of course, if you buy a rabbit with a proven pedigree that has won pet and agricultural shows, it will be more expensive.

Silver Fox rabbits are uncommon.

The Silver Fox rabbit is a rare domestic rabbit breed produced by Walter B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio for meat, exhibition, and its distinctive fur. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognises the breed.

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How many Silver Fox rabbits do you think there are left?

The Silver Fox Rabbit is a versatile breed whose genetic makeup has never been revealed. With less than 50 North American registrations each year and a global population of less than 500, it is in danger today.

Is it true that Silver Fox rabbits are hypoallergenic?

It is not hypoallergenic; a hypoallergenic rabbit does not exist. When socialised and trained early, a Silver Fox rabbit is peaceful and friendly. If it moves quickly or hears noises that are too loud, it might be scared. It isn’t known to be aggressive.

Silver Fox rabbits have how many babies?

Generally, breeding produces litters of six to eight kits. We’ve had litters as large as 13 and successfully raised litters as large as 11 without any losses, proving that the Silver Fox produces a lot of milk. The Silver Fox is a loving creature who enjoys being seen and makes an excellent mother.


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