Skye Terrier

Skye Terrier

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Skye terriers are large-breasted dogs with stumpy legs known for their unwavering loyalty. This unique breed is calm, adapts well to apartment living, and requires less exercise than other terriers.

The Skye terrier has a fascinating backstory. Farmers on Scotland’s Isle of Skye raised these working dogs to hunt den dwellers like foxes and badgers that presented a hazard to crops. But, according to the Skye Terrier Club of America, these terriers quickly became a royal favourite in England and Scotland, to the point that “a duchess would almost be ashamed to be seen in the park without her long-coated Skye” (STCA).

This unusual breed is still defined by its juxtapositions today. She’s lovely and exquisite but also tenacious and fearless.

The Skye terrier, a distinctive breed with a thick, glossy coat and a low-to-the-ground physique, is a loyal and devoted pet that could suit first-time pet parents. These medium-sized dogs are calmer than their terrier counterparts, making them ideal companions for families with older children and the elderly. They require modest exercise and, even though their coats are extremely attractive, they do not necessitate a lengthy care regimen. However, because these dogs are fiercely devoted, they’ll thrive in a home where they can be lavished with care.

User Questions

Is the Skye Terrier an uncommon breed?

The Skye Terrier is an uncommon breed despite his companion potential, ranking 146th out of 155 breeds and varieties certified with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

What is the price of a Skye Terrier?

If you can find a Skye terrier puppy, expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,000 for it.

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Do Skye Terriers have a lot of shedding?

They shed, but not excessively. Occasionally, a dog’s coat will be extremely soft and tangle readily, necessitating more regular brushing. Skye Terriers do not perform well when left alone for extended periods and do not make good backyard pets.

What is the average lifespan of Skye Terrier dogs?

12–14 years

What is the size of a Skye Terrier?


9–10 inches


35 pounds

Skye Terriers come in a variety of hues.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Fawn

Do Skye Terriers have a barking habit?

In the traditional sense, the Skye is a Terrier: hardy and tenacious, with a proclivity for barking and digging. His huge ears can stand straight or droop down, and he has a long silky grey coat that is quite easy to care for. However, Skye is wary of strangers and prefers adult company over children.

Is it true that Skye terriers are hypoallergenic?


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What is the origin of Skye Terriers?

The breed appears to have originated in the northwestern islands of Scotland as far as can be determined. The leader of those islands was given the name Skye.

Is Skye a female or male name?

Skye’s name is a gender-neutral Scottish surname that means “from the Isle of Skye.”

Is Skye a decent name for a dog?

Skye (Scottish origin) is a lovely dog name that means “God’s gift.”

Is it possible for Skye Terriers to get along with cats?

Skye Terriers are wary of strangers and should be socialised extensively as puppies to prevent distrust from developing. They are aggressive toward other dogs and should not be trusted around cats, rabbits, or rodents.

Is it true that Skye Terriers are aggressive?

Skye Terriers require early human and animal socialisation. They are inherently reserved, and socialisation can help them avoid being shy, timid, or aggressive. The Skye Terrier is an excellent guard dog. Skye Terriers can be violent toward unfamiliar dogs and chase and kill small animals.


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