Slender Rat

Slender Rat

Here we can see, “Slender Rat”

An Australian scientist and his colleagues found a new animal species known as the slender root rat on an Indonesian island. The rat is around 30 cm long, including its tail, and weighs approximately 40 grammes.

This rat, unlike its closest relative, the Sulawesi water rat, is thought to eat roots and insects rather than insects alone. It’s unlike anything scientists have seen before, leading them to suspect it’s not only a new species, but also a new genus, or larger family group.

Kevin Rowe, Museum Victoria’s senior curator of mammals, was part of the team that discovered the rat on the remote Mount Gandangdewata. The rodent forages among the roots, according to locals who know it, “Dr Rowe stated.”

“It appears to have a lot of whiskers, which are likely to aid it in finding food among the moss and roots that grow in this woodland.”

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a Slender Rat?

2 – 5 years

What is the size of a Slender Rat?


4 – 6 inches


210 – 300 grams

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What colors are Slender Rat?

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Black

Where do rats sleep at night?

Rats in the wild sleep under shelters to protect themselves from predators. Because pet rats have the same instinct as humans, you should provide places for them to hide during siesta time. You could also use plastic houses or igloos, tubes, a hammock made for rat cages, or different plastic or cardboard tunnels.

Are rats obedient?

They are obedient and sociable creatures who can submit to the owner as well as the rat pack’s leader. Rats prefer cuddling with their owners, lounging on the couch with the family, and napping on your shoulder or lap because they are social creatures.

What do rats do during the day?

Rats are more commonly seen during daylight hours in gardens or other outside settings. Rats may merely be passing through from one garden to the next, but they are opportunistic. Vegetables, as well as nut and fruit trees, can be found in gardens and yards.

Is it true that rats are terrified of dogs?

We already know that cats and rats have a natural antipathy for one another because they share a predator-prey relationship. Smaller animals are terrified of dogs, while cats, the predators of rodents, have a strong dislike-fear relationship with them. As a result, it should come as no surprise that rats are scared of dogs.

Is it true that rats devour dead rats?

Rats are also known to eat their dead nest mates as a way to stay alive. In the wild, the smell of rotting food would likely bring other predators to their nesting grounds.

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Do rats have a fear of cats?

Mice and rats have an instinctive, hardwired fear of their feline predators, and even the smell of a cat is frightening to them. So it came as a shock to parasitologist Joanne Webster in 2000 when she discovered rats who had not only lost their fear of cat urine but were also attracted to it.

Is rat faeces difficult to remove?

When rat faeces is first deposited, it is dark and squishy, but after a few days, it hardens and turns lighter in colour. A rat’s droppings can be up to 34 inches long and 14 inches thick. To be sure, rat excrement varies per species, but it is primarily the same long, spindle-shaped rat poop.

Do rats enjoy splashing around in the water?

Some rats will like splashing and playing in the water, while others will become extremely disturbed, anxious, and upset. Furthermore, when rats are put into water or made to stay in it against their will, they become anxious.


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