Smooth Haired Fox Terrier

Smooth Haired Fox Terrier

Here we can see, “Smooth Haired Fox Terrier”

Smooth fox terriers are little, energetic canines with even more affection to share. He’ll be a pleasant four-legged companion if you give him enough exercise.

Smooth fox terriers are a versatile breed for owners with various interests since they are independent, vivacious, and affectionate pets. However, they are less common than other terrier breeds like the clever Russell terrier and scruffy Norwich terrier, bred as British fox-hunting partners. Those who acquire a smooth fox terrier, on the other hand, will be rewarded with a loyal, intelligent, and easy-to-train friend. Even though they are high-energy dogs who require daily exercise, their modest stature allows them to live in large and small households.

User Questions

Is it true that smooth fox terriers make good family dogs?

The smooth fox terrier is best suited for a family with an active lifestyle since it is pleasant, lively, and outgoing. In addition, it is an excellent companion for youngsters because they never get tired of playing.

Is it true that smooth fox terriers are aggressive?

Digging, jealousy, hostility with other animals, and roaming are all behaviours you may need to teach out of your Smooth Fox Terrier. On the other hand, aggression toward people is something you’ll never have to worry about. He does, however, make an excellent watchdog.

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What are the different breeds that make up a Smooth Fox Terrier?

The Old English Terrier, Smooth-Coated Black-and-Tan Terrier, Bull Terrier, Greyhound, and Beagle are all direct descendants of the Fox Terrier.

What is the average lifespan of Smooth Fox Terrier dogs?

12–15 years

What is the size of a Smooth Fox Terrier?


14–15.5 inches


15–18 pounds

Smooth Fox Terriers come in a variety of hues.

  • White
  • Black
  • fawn

Smooth Fox Terrier puppies cost how much?

Purchasing Smooth Fox Terriers from breeders, on the other hand, can be unreasonably pricey. Depending on their breeding, they normally cost between $700 and $2,000.

Is it true that smooth fox terriers are hypoallergenic?

No, allergens are present as long as they have saliva in their mouth and skin on their bodies (lol). There’s no way around it. In terms of “hypoallergenic breeds,” however, Wire Coat Fox Terriers are considered hypoallergenic. In other words, for allergy patients, this breed is nearly as good as it gets.

Are smooth fox terriers used for hunting?

With its compact stature and powerful traits, the smooth fox terrier makes an excellent hunting dog and companion for both adults and children.

What’s the best way to groom a Smooth Fox Terrier?

Smooth Fox Terriers, unlike Wire Fox Terriers, shed. Therefore, once a week, they should be rubbed down or brushed with a rubber brush to eliminate dead hairs. The prickly, wiry hairs adhere to the dog’s coat and, as a result, to furniture, clothing, and carpeting.

When should I bathe my Smooth Fox Terrier?

Smooth-coated dogs only need to be bathed 3-4 times each year due to the nature of their hair. Smooth-coated dogs are ideal for owners who have busy schedules or don’t want their pets to shed excessively.

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How much physical activity does a Smooth Fox Terrier require?

A healthy Smooth Fox Terrier requires one to two hours of daily physical activity. Therefore, exercise is essential for keeping your SFT healthy and well-behaved.

Is it possible for Smooth Fox Terriers to swim?

Swimming is also a favourite pastime for Wire Fox Terriers. The Wire Fox Terrier requires a lot of maintenance, but brushing is needed.

Is it possible to leave Smooth Fox Terriers alone?

Fox terriers are a clever and active breed, but they are not the best people pleasers. They do, however, enjoy learning and require an outlet for their high levels of energy. Unfortunately, they will become destructive if left alone for too long, wreaking havoc in your home.

Are fox terriers affectionate?

The Wire Fox Terrier is a wonderful family dog because it combines the vigour and independence of terriers with a loving, happy demeanour. Wire Fox Terriers and Smooth Fox Terriers were once thought to be the same breed; however, they are now considered separate breeds.


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