Somali Hedgehog

Somali Hedgehog

Here we can see, “Somali Hedgehog”

The Somali hedgehog is a peculiar mammal that forages for food in the dry grasslands of Somalia, with a tiny, compact body protected by quills. Somali hedgehogs, like other hedgehogs, are most active at night, foraging for insects, plants, and small reptiles. Hedgehogs are solitary hunters who only engage with other hedgehogs when it’s time to mate. When predators approach, they rapidly curl up into a ball with their quills pointing outward. Hedgehogs are considered exotic pets, and in some countries it is illegal or hard to get one.

The Somali hedgehog is one of the smallest species among its relatives. It rarely exceeds 5 inches in length or weighs more than a quarter pound. Because it is a nocturnal mammal, Somali locals are unlikely to see it. It makes its home in the grasslands by burrowing into the ground with its strong claws and hiding from predators.

After a 6-week gestation period, Somali hoglets are born blind and without quills, but after 36 hours, their temporary quills begin to form. Hedgehogs aren’t known for being good moms, but they do tend to look after their young for 12 to 13 weeks until they’ve learned to forage for themselves. If supplies are scarce or the mother notices that some of her hoglets are sick, she may kill and eat them. Hedgehogs can cannibalise their hoglets even in captivity. Cannibalism in captivity is a mystery to biologists, although most believe that environmental stressors push the mother to murder. Hedgehogs’ stress levels can be raised by a noisy, uncomfortable environment that stops them from sleeping during the day, forcing the mother to take drastic measures.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Somali hedgehog?

4 – 7 years

What is the size of a Somali hedgehog?


3 – 5 inches


66 – 80 grams

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What colors are Somali hedgehog?

White belly/brown legs

What does a Somali hedgehog eat?

Hedgehogs eat insects, snails, and slugs, as well as some small vertebrates like snakes, frogs, and bird eggs. Plant materials such as grass, roots, and berries are also consumed.

How Much Do Somali Hedgehogs Cost?

Somali hedgehogs have never been domesticated as pets, and any Somali hedgehogs for sale in your area are very certainly illegal. The African pygmy hedgehog, on the other hand, is quite similar to the Somali and is the most popular choice among hedgehog owners. A pet hedgehog will cost between $100 and $300, but animals with desired colour patterns may cost a bit more. Hedgehogs are less expensive to adopt than other domesticated animals, but they still need a large tank, food, an exercise wheel, a heating pad, and other supplies.

Can hedgehogs turn blue?

Hedgehogs come in 17 different species, none of which are blue, even the frigid ones. The coloration ranges from light beige to dark brown, with some quills having black coloration around the face and at the base.

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Are hedgehogs expensive?

A hedgehog from a breeder is likely to set you back more than $200. Hedgehogs in more desirable or odd colour variations can cost over $300. Take the time to study any breeder you’re thinking about buying from to make sure they’re trustworthy and producing healthy animals.

Are hedgehogs venomous?

Hedgehogs deserve special notice since, while not producing venom, they have been observed using it to defend themselves. In other words, they use venom from other animals. Hedgehogs gnaw on the skin of deadly toads and then cover their spines with the toad venom.

Do hedgehogs eat snakes?

extraordinary abilities. Hedgehogs are immune to a wide range of toxins, giving them the unusual ability to eat hazardous creatures. They may, for example, eat small venomous snakes, scorpions, and frogs without harm.


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