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Given the Somali’s origin tale, it’s tempting to dismiss these stunning felines as “simply” a long-haired Abyssinian. There’s a lot more to the story, as any Somali cat owner would tell you.

Somali cats are bright, social, and relentlessly energetic felines who like learning new tricks, associating with humans and other animals, and exploring every inch of their surroundings. The Somali cat, which is delightfully curious and lively, will be a lifelong friend and companion. They will do everything in their power to guarantee you never have a dull moment.

User Questions

Are Somali cats rare?

Are they uncommon? The Somali cat, like the Abyssinian cat, is an uncommon species. They are not very frequent since their lengthy coat is the product of a genetic phenomenon. On the other hand, Reputable breeders do produce genuine Somalis with the characteristic bushy tail and long hair.

What is the price of a Somali cat?

This unusual and lovely kitten costs between $1000 and $1200 on average. They aren’t cheap at all! If you want to acquire a Somali kitten, make sure it comes from a reputable Somali or Abyssinian breeder.

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Are Somali cats suitable as pets?

Somali cats make excellent pets since they are intelligent and enjoy spending time with other people. They also enjoy having toys around while they are alone. They are exciting pets who follow their owners about the house, looking for the busiest spots where they can sleep in safety and company.

Is it true that Somali cats are cuddly?

While the Somali has a long coat, it is not woolly, making it easy to care for. The Somali’s coat will stay soft and silky with a daily combing during playtime. The Somali is affectionate and caring, and she enjoys spending time with her parents.

Are Somali cats intelligent?

The Somali is a highly bright cat that excels at learning tricks and enjoys performing and being the focus of attention. They’re wise enough to stay away from babies and little children, but school-aged children are a perfect fit for the Somali’s high energy and playful nature.

What is the procedure for adopting a Somali cat?

Adopting a Somali from a rescue organization specializing in Somalis is the simplest option. Starting with a breed search on is a terrific place to start. The search will show you all of the Somalis available in your area.

Is it possible for a Somali cat to be black?

The Somali cat is available in 28 different colors. The eyes are almond-shaped, well-spaced, amber, hazel, or green in color, with the preferred darker shade. The legs are long, and the paws are round and tufted. ‘Usual’ is a beautiful golden brown with a black-tickled apricot base coat.

What is the average lifespan of a Somali?

11 to 16 years of age

What is the size of a Somali?


7 to 11 inches


6 to 10 pounds

What are the colors of Somalia?

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Cinnamon
  • Fawn

Is it possible for a Somali cat to have blue eyes?

The Somali has huge almond-shaped eyes that are either a deep green or rich copper color. Chocolate, blue, cinnamon, reddish, lilac, fawn, or any silver version of those hues can be found on the Somali’s coat. The Somali lives about eleven to sixteen years and weighs six and ten pounds.

Do Somali cats enjoy swimming?

The Somali is a bright cat who enjoys life. It is alert and friendly. They will spend hours playing with everything, including bowls of water.

Do Somali cats and dogs get along?

Is This Breed Companionable With Other Animals? Somalis are gregarious animals who enjoy being around other cats, dogs, and humans. They will thrive in a home where there are other pets.

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Is it true that Somali cats are hypoallergenic?

People who are allergic to cats, on the other hand, are frequently allergic to a protein called Fel d 1 that is contained in their saliva. Some breeds generate less of this protein than others, making them excellent for allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, the Somali cat does not fit into this category and is therefore not considered hypoallergenic.

What’s the fastest a Somali cat can run?

A Somali cat can run at the same speed as an Abyssinian cat – 30 miles per hour. That’s less than half the top speed of a cheetah, which is 80 miles per hour.

Is there an undercoat on Somali cats?

These cats are stunning to look at, but owning one comes with some grooming responsibilities due to their thick fur. Because the Somali has a thick undercoat, it can tangle and mat if it isn’t well-groomed.


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