Southern African Hedgehog

Southern African Hedgehog

Here we can see, “Southern African Hedgehog”

While the South African hedgehog is adorable and very low-maintenance, it does require special attention. To keep them happy and healthy, you’ll need to take the time to correctly set up the cage.

Because they have such a diverse diet in the wild, it’s important to stick with high-quality commercial pet hedgehog food to make sure they get everything they require.

Finally, if you’ve been fantasising about watching your hedgehog interact with other animals, put that fantasy aside right now. Even though hedgehogs are small and look cute, they are very territorial and won’t let other animals hang out with them.

While you can tame them to the point that they’ll tolerate your touch, they’d like to have as much space as possible. Your hedgehog may be cute, but it isn’t going to be cuddly, and it won’t seek out physical contact.

Still, they’re low-maintenance dogs who don’t require a lot of your time each day, and those two characteristics alone attract them to many pet owners.

User Questions

How long do Hedgehogs in South Africa live?

7 years

What is the size of a South African Hedgehog?


5.5 – 7.1 inches


280 – 310 grams

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What colors are South African Hedgehog?

Dark brown

How Much Do Hedgehogs in South Africa Cost?

Purchasing a South African hedgehog is inexpensive when compared to many other pets. To bring one home, budget anything from $100 to $300.

However, while the animal is inexpensive, keep in mind that the entire cost will be more because you’ll need a huge enclosure for them as well as a variety of accessories.

So, while you may acquire a hedgehog for a modest price, the price skyrockets after you throw in everything else you’ll need.

What do South African hedgehogs eat?

They eat a wide range of things, including insects like beetles, earwigs, grasshoppers, termites, slugs, snails, centipedes, moths, and earthworms, as well as eggs, mice, lizards, fungi, and even dog food (Skinner & Chimimba, 2005).

Do African hedgehogs hibernate?

Wild African pygmy hedgehogs do not hibernate because they are native to Central Africa, where the average yearly temperature is roughly 79 °F (26 °C). If the temperature decreases and stays low, they can hibernate.

Is a hedgehog a rodent?

Shrews, moles, and hedgehogs are not rodents; they belong to the mammal order Eulipotyphla. (at left), a South American species, is the world’s largest living rodent.

Are hedgehogs blind?

Hedgehogs are born blind and have a protective membrane covering their quills that dries and decreases over time. After the hoglet has been cleansed or the membrane has fallen off, the quills protrude through the membrane.

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Do hedgehogs like to be held?

Each hedgehog has its own personality, but the majority of them are uninterested in human contact. Hedgehogs require a lot of time and effort to get used to being held, according to their caregivers. Hedgehogs, like porcupines, have prickly quills that they employ to ward off predators.

Can hedgehogs be potty trained?

These little creatures are smarter than most people realise, and toilet training them can make your job a lot easier! While expecting a 100% success rate is unrealistic, a good number of hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter box if done correctly.

Do hedgehogs shoot their quills?

Hedgehog quills can fall out or break off, just like your hair, but the hedgehog cannot shoot its quills to defend itself. Hedgehogs are considered friends of backyards and gardens in Europe.


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