Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog

Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog

Here we can see, “Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog”

You undoubtedly came to this page because you were captivated by the hedgehog’s beautiful little face. You’ve certainly heard of the African Pygmy Hedgehog, which is becoming increasingly popular among people looking for an exotic pet. But did you know that hedgehogs come in over 14 different species?

The Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog, which is native to the Middle East and Southwestern Asia, is featured today. Learn everything there is to know about this little quill ball, including whether or not it may be kept as a pet.

Only a white mark on the chest of the first (thus its name) distinguishes the Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor) from the European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus). Furthermore, the Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog never digs a den and instead likes to hide and relax in a warm grass nest.

Furthermore, these two species have long been mistaken for one another. Recent investigations, however, have discovered minor genetic differences between the two species. Despite this, these hedgehogs are capable of mating.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog?

4 – 7 years

What is the average size of a Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog?


7 – 10 inches


700 – 720 grams

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What colors are Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog?

  • Yellowish
  • Brown

What Are the Prices of Southern White-Breasted Hedgehogs?

The price of a Southern White-Breasted Hedgehog is difficult to determine. However, an African Pygmy Hedgehog normally sells for between $150 and $400.

What poisons hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are poisoned by grapes and avocados. Crushed peanuts, nuts, and raisins, which some people feed their hedgies, are generally considered choking hazards because they get stuck on the roof of their mouths.Avoid feeding your pet hedgehog insects that you’ve captured yourself because toxins may have been metabolised.

Are hedgehogs suitable as pets?

Hedgehogs can be fun and low-maintenance household pets, but they do require specific attention. They have sharp quills that can be difficult to handle. Daily handling that is consistent and proper will help them relax and feel at ease with you.

Do hedgehogs like to be held?

Each hedgehog has its own personality, but the majority of them are uninterested in human contact. Hedgehogs require a lot of time and effort to get used to being held, according to their caregivers. Hedgehogs, like porcupines, have prickly quills that they employ to ward off predators.

Do hedgehogs and dogs get along?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, solitary creatures, yet they get along with a wide range of animals, including canines. Your dog and hedgehog will need to get acclimated to each other, but with patience and proper socialisation, they should get along fine.

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Do humans get bitten by hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can bite you, but this happens extremely seldom. This frequently occurs when they are young and believe that your fingers will feed them (if they have been fed via a syringe as they had no mother).

Do hedgehogs smell bad?

When purchasing a new pet, there are numerous aspects to consider, one of which is the animal’s odour. Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are odourless. You shouldn’t smell your hedgehog if you remove any environmental elements that could cause it to smell.

Do hedgehogs require bathing?

Most hedgehogs will only require a bath once a month or less. Hedgehogs get the most dirty by treading in their droppings. Therefore, clean their cage often, once a week or less if necessary, to avoid unnecessary baths.

Do hedgehogs make noise?

Hedgehogs make a wide range of noises, from high-pitched to low-pitched. Squeaks, growls, and squeals are all common hedgehog sounds. If you’re lucky, you might even hear a purr. Because hedgehogs are not as common or as loud as cats or dogs, their sounds are often compared to those of ducks or frogs.


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