Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano

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The Spinone Italiano is a sweet dog who gets along with everyone in the household. They are born and bred hunters that enjoy being outside as much as they enjoy snuggling on the couch.

These athletic and intelligent dogs are known for being friendly, versatile, and sporty, regardless of whether they are called the Spinone Italiano, Italian Spinone, Italian griffon, Italian coarse-haired pointer, or Italian wire-haired pointer. And if you’re fortunate enough to know one of these dogs, you’ll learn how affectionate they are.

Spinone Italianos are uncommon in the United States, but their lovely eyes (topped with adorable eyebrows) and dense, coarse coats help to identify them. In addition, there are more of these puppies to cuddle on the couch since they have larger-than-life builds to match their personality. And believe us when we say that everyone will want to snuggle with a Spinone since he gets along with almost everyone in the family. That’s amore in a nutshell.

User Questions

Is Spinone Italianos suitable for a family?

The Spinone is an excellent family dog or companion for families who have the time and commitment to give him regular exercise and channel his energy and intellect into canine sports such as agility, flyball, rally, and obedience. If his health permits, he can also be a terrific trekking or camping companion.

What is the price of a Spinone Italiano puppy?

It’s a shame that more people are unaware of the Spinone Italiano. According to the American Kennel Club, it is ranked 109th out of 195 breeds (AKC). That means a dog will cost you money. One will set you back at least $1,400, if not more.

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Is it true that Spinone Italiano sheds?

No. Despite being a wiry-haired, single-coated breed, the Italian Spinone sheds lightly and produces dandruff. Allergens like saliva and dander are widespread, and Spinoni has plenty of them. Their shaggy coat may also bring in dirt and debris from outside.

What is the average lifespan of Spinone Italiano dogs?

10–12 years

What is the size of a Spinone Italiano?


22–27 inches


60–85 pounds

Spinone Italiano comes in what colours?

  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Liver
  • White

Is Spinone Italiano a brawler?

This sweet-natured dog requires a lot of early socialisation and exposure to new sights and sounds. He may come across as affable when properly socialised or remain guarded but poised. However, most Spinoni get along nicely with other animals, particularly dogs.

Is it true that Spinone Italianos are uncommon?

Although this dog is categorised as a rare breed, it is rapidly gaining favour in the United States as a healthy, loving, and devoted family friend. As a result, the Spinone Italiano was recognised as an official breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2000.

What does a Spinone Italiano cost?

How much do Spinone Italiano Puppies cost? Setting aside between $1,500 and $3,000 for your next Spinone Italiano is a good idea. The distance to the breeder, for example, can impact the final cost.

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Is Spinone Italiano a wise man?

Although the Spinone Italiano is not a guard dog, he may react if he perceives a direct threat. Aside from that, they’re friendly, gentle, bright, and lively canines who are naturally wary. They are energetic, have a lot of strength and stamina, and may also be amusing and clownish.

When does a Spinone reach full maturity?

I would consider a Spinone (a slow maturing breed) to be an adult (both mentally and physically) at two and a half years.

What is the best way to groom an Italian Spinone?

Because the breed’s coat is inherently rough, cleaning it with gentle dog shampoo and brushing it with a wide pin brush can keep it looking neat and healthy, preventing your Spinone from looking sloppy or dull.

Is it possible to shave a Spinone?

Shave the ear leather on the inside and outside. Use thinning scissors to blend in and shorten the brows, cheek area, and neck. Trim the ear leather evenly around the ear, leaving 1 inch of hair. It would help if you also trimmed your beard.


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