Standard Rat

Standard Rat

Here we can see, “Standard Rat”

When the rat is healthy and relaxed, it has a silky glossy coat made up of short straight hairs that lie flat against the body. When a rat is furious or sick, they can puff up their coat to the point where it stands on edge. Rats have long, straight or softly curled whiskers that they use to sense their environment.

Rats have distinct coats, with females having a softer, silkier coat and males having a coarser, greasier coat. This is primarily due to male hormones, which cause bucks’ skin to create an orange grease (known as “buck grease”). Neutered guys’ coats generally soften and become softer.

The diet has an impact on the state of the coat, as well as how silky and lustrous it is. The coat can become oily, dull, dry, or brittle as a result of a poor diet. The coat of a healthy standard rat on a proper diet is thick, silky, and lustrous.

User Questions

What is the average lifespan of a Standard Rat?

2 – 3 years

What is the size of a standard rat?


6 – 8 inches


250 – 500 grams

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What colors are Standard Rat?

  • Amber
  • Silver Black
  • Silver Blue
  • Silver Chocolate
  • Fawn

What is the definition of a “standard rat?”

The standard rat is the most closely related to a wild brown rat. It has normal-sized ears on the top of its head. It has a tail that is nearly the same length as its body, and it eats a conventional rat diet with no particular or exceptional requirements.

Is it true that rats are low-maintenance pets?

Rats are extremely low-maintenance pets. They are at ease in their own habitat and can go for long periods of time without being bothered. Pet rats may be an excellent alternative for you if you are the type of owner that is gone for long periods of time.

Do pet rats smell?

Rats are, in reality, exceptionally clean creatures. They should groom themselves constantly and not stink. If you’re having issues with your rats’ odour or are afraid of it becoming a problem, rest assured that it can be prevented.

Is it possible to potty train rats?

Yes, rats can be taught to use the toilet. Even if they don’t have a litter box, rats will normally defecate in one location in their cage. Getting a rat litter box, on the other hand, will help you keep their cage clean.

Is it true that pet rats make a lot of noise at night?

Rats are primarily nocturnal creatures. They can adapt their schedule to yours to some extent, but twilight to dawn is when they are most active. This means that keeping them in your bedroom could result in some sleepless nights.

Are rats fond of cheese?

Rats like cheese, but they aren’t crazy about it. Rats prefer sweeter snacks, and there are lots of superior options available. While you should only give them these goodies in moderation, they do supply important nutrients and will make your rat happier.

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Why does my rat lick my face?

If your rat nibbles or licks you, he or she may be grooming you to show affection. Rats have a keen sense of smell, so after you eat or prepare food, your rat may nibble or lick your hand or smell you.

Are rats loyal?

They are obedient and sociable creatures who can submit to the owner as well as the rat pack’s leader. Rats prefer cuddling with their owners, lounging on the couch with the family, and napping on your shoulder or lap because they are social creatures.

Are female or male rats nicer?

There is no “correct” response to the question of whether male or female rats make better pets. It’s all a matter of personal taste! Rat females are more energetic than males, who are more laid-back. You will be pulled towards one over the other depending on your personality and lifestyle.


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