Sumatran Striped Rabbit

Sumatran Striped Rabbit

Here we can see, “Sumatran Striped Rabbit”

The island of Sumatra is in the midst of a deforestation crisis. As a result, the country is home to many vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered species. At least 13 highly endangered species can be found within the Sundaland Biodiversity Hotspot.

When you hear about an endangered Sumatran species, you’re likely to hear about rhinoceros, elephants, orangutans, and tigers. These Sumatran species are critically endangered, yet they’re also extremely popular and politically charged. But there’s a lesser-known Sumatran animal that you’ve probably never heard of, although it’s the world’s rarest of its kind: the Sumatran Striped Rabbit.

Rabbits are notoriously difficult to spot, but none are more elusive than the Sumatran Striped Rabbit. This rabbit is the world’s rarest, and it’s one of only two live members of the Nesolagus genus, which sets it apart from most other rabbits.

The other Nesolagus rabbit is the Annamite Striped Rabbit, which resembles the Sumatran Striped Rabbit, yet genetic research suggests that the two species separated roughly eight million years ago.

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Because the Sumatran Striped Rabbit is rarely observed, nothing is known. Until 1998, the last time this rare species was seen was in 1972. None had been observed since 1916 before that. The species had been thought to be extinct for a long time until a camera trap accidentally captured a photo of one.

Three surveys were conducted between the 1927 and 1998 sightings in search of proof of this uncommon creature, but nothing was discovered. Though there were sightings in 2007 and 2011, they were caught on camera traps. One wasn’t spotted in person until 2008 when scientists in the Bukit Barisan Seletan National Park came across one and were able to photograph it.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of a Sumatran Striped Rabbit?

3 – 8 years

What is the size of a Sumatran Striped Rabbit?


16 – 18 inches


1500 – 1700 grams

What colours are Sumatran Striped Rabbit?


Is it true that the Sumatran striped rabbit has gone extinct?

The Sumatran rabbit was considered extinct until a camera trap unexpectedly photographed it in 1998. The IUCN designated it as Critically Endangered in 2006. However, it was lowered to Vulnerable in 2008. Nonetheless, it is still regarded as the world’s rarest rabbit.

Is it possible for a rabbit to survive in the rainforest?

Rabbits can be found in pine and deciduous forests, deserts, mountainous terrain, scrubland, tropical rainforest, river and stream banks, rocky outcroppings, grasslands, and low-lying vegetation.

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Is it possible for rabbits to have stripes?

Several of these species, including one of the world’s most secretive bunnies, the Annamite Striped Rabbit, were only recently discovered (Nesolagus Timmins).

Is it possible to find a silver fox rabbit?

The Silver Fox rabbit is a rare domestic rabbit breed produced by Walter B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio, for meat, exhibition, and distinctive fur. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognises the breed.

What is the definition of a blue rabbit?

The American Rabbit was initially classified as a ‘Blue’ rabbit by the ARBA and has been described as having the deepest, darkest fur of any blue or grey rabbit. “Uniform rich, dark slate-blue, free of white hairs, sandy or rust colour” is the colour at its best.

Sumatran Striped Rabbits: How Much Do They Cost?

Rabbits are wonderful pets that are quite simple to care for. On the other hand, Sumatran Striped Rabbits are far too scarce to be considered domesticated. Even if you could buy one, the price would be exorbitant due to their extreme rarity. It is forbidden to hunt a Sumatran Striped Rabbit because it is a highly endangered species.


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