Summit Rat

Summit Rat

Here we can see, “Summit Rat”

The summit rat belongs to the Muridae family of rodents. It has only been found on Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu and Mount Tambuyukon, at altitudes of 2,040 to 2,477 metres on Mt. Tambuyukon and 2,670 to 3,426 metres on Mt. Kinabalu. They are particularly common in dwarf forest and montane scrubland at higher elevations. During the Holocene, the rat populations from these two peaks were linked. Despite the fact that they are barely 18 kilometres away, they are now genetically isolated. According to current climate estimates, the suitable habitat for Rattus baluensis will shift roughly 500 metres upwards. The people of Mount Tambuyukon will be at risk as a result of this. The population of Mount Kinabalu, on the other hand, will most certainly survive on the mountain’s top slopes. According to a genetic study, its origins are dated to roughly 300–400 thousand years ago in a local population of Rattus tiomanicus from northern Borneo.

User Question

What is the average lifespan of a Summit rat?

2 – 3 years

What is the size of a Summit rat?


3 – 5 inches


90 – 110 grams

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What colors are Summit rat?

  • Dark Gray
  • Brown
  • Black

How many hearts does a rat have?

Even though mice and rats have a four-chambered heart with ventricles and atria, the human heart is very different from that of a mouse or rat.

Are rats sociable?

They’ll be pleasant. They’ll be intrigued. They’ll also cuddle. ” According to studies, rats fantasise when sleeping, smile when tickled, and brux (grind their teeth) with pleasure when touched, similar to how cats purr.

Do rats talk?

Rats communicate with one another through ultrasonic vocalisations that are well beyond the range of human hearing. One frequency could represent agony, while another could represent joy. During play, rats make certain vocalisations that can assist in preventing playful acts from becoming hostile.

Why do rats smell?

Inadequate care and cleanliness are the most common unintended causes of stinky rats. Most of the time, the smell comes from the ammonia in their urine, which can be very strong if they are left alone for a long time.

Do rats sleep?

Rats sleep with their bodies curled up and their eyes closed, whereas in the dark, they sleep more sprawled out and with their eyes open. Changes in light intensity or a daily rhythm may be the cause of these posture differences.

Why do rats keep licking my face?

If your rat nibbles or licks you, he or she may be grooming you to show affection. Rats have a keen sense of smell, so after you eat or prepare food, your rat may nibble or lick your hand or smell you.

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Do rats enjoy cuddling?

They are quite gregarious and enjoy spending time on the couch, on people’s shoulders, or in their laps with human family members. They’ll even groom their human friends as if they were other rats in their “rat pack.” Pet rats are extremely affectionate and like the warmth and contact of their caregivers.

Is rat urine toxic?

The spread of leptospirosis is caused by rat urine, which can cause liver and kidney damage. Scat infection can also be transmitted by handling or inhaling scat (feces or urine). Renal and hepatic failure, as well as cardiovascular issues, are all possible complications.

Is it necessary for me to be afraid of rats?

Rats are known to bite, which makes the fact that they can also spread disease all the more terrifying. Rat bites and scratches can all cause rat-bite fever.


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