Sun Conure

Sun Conure

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Due to its magnificent plumage, outstanding behaviour, and exceptional quality as a companion bird, the sun conure is one of the most popular conures of its size. Sun conures are vivacious, talkative, and expressive birds famed for their beauty and giant mouths. The sun conure is about 12 inches long and distinguished by its vivid orange and yellow colour, often dotted with green splotches.

The sun conure has a long, tapering tail, a black beak, and white rings around its eyes. Because of its easy breeding and stunning colour, the sunny is a favourite among pet owners and a sweetheart among expert aviculturists. It takes roughly two years for immature birds to reach their full colour. Males are considered significantly brighter than females, even though their colouring is highly comparable. Males have a squarer, flatter head, while females have a rounder, trimmer head, yet only experienced breeders are skilled at eyeing the birds and guessing. There isn’t any difference in pet quality.

User Questions

Is it possible to keep a sun conure as a pet?

They’re also easy to teach, but if provoked, they’ll bite. On the other hand, the sun conure is an amiable and cuddly bird that will be devoted to a gentle owner. If family members are kind and attentive to the bird, this is a good family bird that will not “turn” on them.

What does a solar conure cost?

If you’re going to buy a sun conure, make sure it’s been captive-bred. These birds can be as expensive as $800 or more. Bird Breeders is one of the adoption or rescue organisations with sun conures.

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Can sun conures communicate?

In general, though, it’s unrealistic to expect a Sun Conure to develop the same level of communication as other parrots such as Amazons and Macaws. Sun Conures prefer to imitate different sounds, such as whistles, microwaves, doorbells, and telephones, more frequently than not.

What is the average lifespan of a sun conure?

Up to 20 years

What is the size of a sun conure?


12 inches


100 – 120 grams

What hues do sun conures come in?

  • Orange
  • Yellow

Is it possible to leave sun conures alone at home?

Because parrots only require a few hours of daily attention, you may leave your green cheek conure alone for 8-10 hours at work and spend quality time with them at home. It’s essential to have someone babysit your bird if you have to leave town.

What is the intelligence level of a sun conure?

Sun conures are incredibly intelligent and curious, necessitating continual mental stimulation and social connection. However, their ability to learn tricks in captivity and their ability to speak are moderate.

What causes Sun Conures to scream so loudly?

They make a lot of noise! They are the most vociferous and loudest of the conures. They like to shriek and call loudly to attract attention and “stay in contact” with their human in other parts of the house. They will call till you react if they can’t see you.

Are Sun Conures on the verge of extinction?

Endangered species (Population decreasing)

Is it possible for Sun Conures to lay eggs without mating?

Your conure can lay an egg without a mate if they have the right environment and diet. Aratinga conures are prolific layers, implying they have a higher chance of having an egg without a mate.

Do sun conures require a companion?

Sun Conures are gregarious, lively, and fun. If you don’t have the time to devote to a Sun Conure, you might consider getting a different pet bird. However, sun Conures require a lot of attention due to their gregarious nature. When you combine this with their screams, you may come to regret your choice of companion.

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Do solar conures require a lot of upkeep?

Yes! It requires almost as much upkeep as a dog. Because they are friendly creatures, they need time and care and the companionship of others.

What are the limits of the sun conure’s abilities?

Bird pet owners should avoid nonstick cookware and other items with a nonstick coating. These materials can generate colourless, odourless gases when heated, killing birds if breathed.

What is the fastest speed a sun conure can fly?

Conures aren’t particularly quick, flying at approximately 20 to 30 miles per hour.

Is it true that the sun conures mate for life?

Because sun conures are monogamous and mate for life, you’ll need to pick a couple that gets along well.


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