Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel

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The lovely Sussex Spaniel is a medium-sized dog originally intended for field hunting. These magnificent canines originated in the United Kingdom and first appeared in the late 1800s. They’d charge into dense undergrowth in the fields, flushing away any concealed game birds. Their name comes from the region in southern England where they were initially bred. In the United States, the Sussex Spaniel is significantly more popular than in the United Kingdom. There are numerous reasons to adore this breed, but you should always conduct thorough research before adopting a new pet.

User Questions

Do Sussex spaniels have a lot of barking?

The Sussex Spaniel is reserved and even protective (very unusual for a spaniel) when it comes to strangers. Finally, the Sussex Spaniel is one of the loudest spaniels, barking and howling if left alone for an extended period.

Is the Sussex spaniel an uncommon breed?

Sussex Spaniels are significantly more rare than giant pandas, with only 34 recorded in 2018, compared to 1,864 giant pandas discovered in the wild during the most recent census in 2014.

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What is the price of a Sussex Spaniel?

Because the Sussex Spaniel is a rare breed, there are unlikely many breeders in your area. The average Sussex Spaniel puppy can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 due to its rarity.

Is it possible to have a Sussex spaniel as a pet?

The Sussex Spaniel is a wonderful family dog since it is calm and affectionate. He has a lot of energy and endurance, although not as swift as other sporty breeds. He’s outgoing and upbeat, but he may be obstinate when it comes to training.

What is the average lifespan of a Sussex spaniel dog?

11–13 years

What is the size of a Sussex spaniel?


13 – 15 inches


35 – 45 pounds

What colours do Sussex spaniels come in?

  • Brown
  • Red

Do Sussex spaniels have a strong odour?

The Sussex is primarily a family pet, but it can also be used as a hunting companion due to its keen sense of scent. This is the only spaniel breed that only howls when a scent is detected.

Is it true that Sussex spaniels are hypoallergenic?


Is it true that Sussex spaniels shed?

The Sussex Spaniel sheds regularly. Brushing the Sussex daily helps keep the amount of loose hair under control, but you can get away with brushing it only once a week. There is no need for trimming or clipping, but you may want to keep the hair on and around the feet clean.

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Is it possible for Sussex spaniels to swim?

Although most Sussex Spaniels are excellent swimmers, it is always a good idea to keep your dog safe by ensuring that he wears a pet-approved lifevest at all times while on the water.

How many Sussex spaniels exist in the United Kingdom?

Only a few Sussex spaniels exist in the world. They were plentiful in the 1800s, but their numbers began to decline after World War II. Only 52 Sussex Spaniels registered with the UK Kennel Club in 2011, but that number grew to 74 in 2012.

Is it true that Cocker spaniels enjoy cuddling?

Many Cockers prefer getting up and personal with their humans by sitting on their laps, chests, heads, faces (yes, it’s true), or by their sides. Some people enjoy cuddling up on the couch at night while watching television with a Cocker Spaniel by their side.

Is it true that dogs get cold?

Dogs, like humans, get chilled. They could become cold outside if they don’t have a strong fur coat to keep them warm. Other dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Greyhounds, who are little or have thin coats, need to be shielded from the cold.


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