Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback

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Although the Thai Ridgeback has been in the wild for ages, humans only domesticated them approximately 350 years ago to guard, pull carts, and hunt vermin. Outside of Thailand, this stubborn but loyal breed was unheard of. However, in recent years, this dog has grown in popularity worldwide.

Mah Thai Lang Ahn, or Pariah Dogs, is another name for the breed. Even though these are purebred dogs, they can still be found at shelters and rescues.

A rookie pet parent or someone who does not plan to spend much time at home with their dog may not be a good fit for the Thai Ridgeback. While this dog is self-sufficient, they are also incredibly lively, which means it will keep their owners on their toes at all times. However, this can be the appropriate breed for you if you’re an active person who appreciates training and working with your dog!

User Questions

Is it true that Thai Ridgebacks are uncommon?

The Thai Ridgeback, recognised for its hunting and protective abilities, is still an uncommon breed outside of Thailand, with just around 300 canines reported to exist in the United States.

Are Thai Ridgebacks suitable as family pets?

They are excellent family pets since they are loyal, enjoy being around family members and other home pets, and are affectionate dogs.” This breed is also vigilant, protective, and active. From a young age, Thai Ridgebacks must be socialised.

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What is the price of a Thai Ridgeback?

Because it is the rarest recognised dog breed in America, the Thailand Ridgeback is one of the top ten most costly dog breeds. Thailand Ridgebacks are similar to Doberman Pinschers. They can be aggressive, but they can make excellent pets if properly educated. The cost of a Thailand Ridgeback puppy is around $5,000.

What is the average lifespan of Thai Ridgeback dogs?

12–13 years

What is the size of a Thai Ridgeback?


21-24 inches


35-59 pounds

What colours do Thai Ridgebacks come in?

  • Black
  • Red 
  • Fawn
  • Blue
  • Grey

What is the top speed of a Thai Ridgeback?

The Thai Ridgeback can run at the same speed as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is 30 mph (48.3 kmph).

Is it true that Thai Ridgebacks are hypoallergenic?


Is it possible to obtain a Thai Ridgeback in Australia?

In Australia, the Thai Ridgeback is not available.

Is it difficult to train Thai Ridgebacks?

Although Thai Ridgebacks are independent and difficult to train, they are extremely clever animals who can learn a great deal with patience and persistence.

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Is there a ridge on all Thai Ridgebacks?

Hair growing in the opposite direction of the coat can generate up to eight different ridge patterns in the Thai Ridgeback. Likewise, the distinctive ridge of hair running down the back of most (but not all) breed members comes in up to eight different patterns.

How many Thai Ridgebacks are there in the United States?

According to Hood, only approximately 100 Thai ridgebacks exist in the United States, with only about 1,000 in Thailand. They were raised as hunting dogs in Thailand and were reputed to kill cobras. They’ve just been living in America since 1994.

What are the uses of Thai Ridgebacks?

Thai Ridgebacks have long been used as watchdogs, hunting dogs, and cart escorters in Thailand. In some locations, they were even used to kill cobras. The Thai Ridgeback was recognised as an official breed by the Dog Association of Thailand, created in 1976.

Thai Ridgebacks come in a variety of breeds.

The ridge that runs along the back of the Thai Ridgeback is a trait that they share with two other breeds: the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Their fur grows in opposite directions along the ridge, making whorls or swirls.


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