The Best Pet Birds for Busy People

The Best Pet Birds for Busy People

Here we can see, “The Best Pet Birds for Busy People”

It can be challenging to pick the right pet bird for your lifestyle. It’s much more difficult if you have a busy schedule that prevents you from spending hours each day with your bird. Many pet bird species require near-constant contact from their keepers because they are friendly flock creatures. On the other hand, some species are slightly more independent or content with the company of other birds, allowing their caregiver to spend more time away from them. Here are eight birds for folks who have a lot on their plates.

Bourke’s Parakeet

Bourke’s parakeets are mellow, peaceful birds that are not as active as other parakeets. They are usually most active during dawn and dusk, then like to relax for the rest of the day. That may be perfect for someone who works during the day but can devote time to their bird in the mornings and evenings.


Pionus parrots have a reputation for being friendly and independent with their human caregivers. They are lively birds who require a large enclosure and at least three hours of daily activity outside the cage. However, their independence helps them be content even if they are left alone for part of the day.

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Lovebirds are gregarious creatures who can get a little nippy if they aren’t handled regularly. As a result, you must set aside time each day to connect with your bird for at least a couple of hours. While they require outdoor exercise, they can also spend several hours in their cage playing with toys.


Cockatiels are bright, affectionate birds that create strong ties with those who look after them. If you don’t spend at least a couple of hours a day interacting with your bird, it may grow depressed and engage in damaging activities like feather picking. On the other hand, these birds can spend many hours of the day in a large enclosure playing with toys.


Budgies (also known as parakeets) are small parrots with the same personality as their larger counterparts. While their small size means less mess to clean up, they still need plenty of play and interaction. To avoid boredom and loneliness, budgies should spend at least a few hours each day with their caregivers. They can be maintained alongside other birds, although this may cause them to lose their link with their people.


Consider a dove if you want a bird that can entertain itself while also spending time with people. Doves require at least a couple of hours of out-of-cage play and interaction each day, despite their quiet and delicate nature. However, they are content to remain in their cage as long as it is spacious enough for them to have some exercise.

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Like other finch family members, many canaries prefer instead to be left alone than touched by humans. The canaries, in reality, are solitary creatures who do well when kept alone or in pairs. (Do not keep two male canaries together since they will fight.) These birds require a large cage in which they can fly for exercise and some toys to keep them entertained.


Even the busiest bird lovers may care about a flock of finches. Finches are low-maintenance pets that don’t require much human connection. As long as you give them a spacious flight cage, they do well in small groups of three to five birds. However, you must be able to devote time each day to providing new food and water, cleaning anything dirty, and ensuring that everyone is happy and healthy to meet the demands of your finches.

User Questions

Where can I not pet a bird?

Limit your caressing to your bird’s head, feet, and around its beak to keep it from becoming hormonally and sexually frustrated. These locations are not necessarily erogenous zones because they contain fewer nerve endings.

Which bird can talk?

The two types of birds that can learn and mimic human speech are songbirds and parrots. However, the mynah bird, a member of the starling family, may be trained to learn and produce human speech. In addition, pet birds can be trained to speak by imitating their owners’ voices.

Do birds require a lot of care?

Some birds, significantly larger parrots, require a lot of attention and work, but even tiny birds require a lot of affection and handling to be happy and friendly.

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Do birds enjoy being stroked?

Your bird should be treated as a family member, and you should spend one-on-one time with him every day. However, this does not always mean holding and stroking him. Some birds just do not like being handled by humans; they enjoy hanging out with and playing with their humans, but they prefer not to be touched.

Is it possible to hug a parrot?

As we all know, parrots like it when things are done on their terms; snuggling or stroking should always be done when you are happy.


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