The Best Quiet Pet Bird Species

The Best Quiet Pet Bird Species

Here we can see, “The Best Quiet Pet Bird Species”

Birds, by nature, maybe rather vocal. Wild birds call out to their flocks to let others know where they are or to warn them of predators. Nonetheless, the noise levels of different bird species—and even individual birds within species—differ. Although no pet bird is silent, a few don’t make a lot of noise. Some birds do not yell or scream, while others have gentle voices that provide inconspicuous background chatter. Here are eight of the most peaceful pet birds.

Senegal Parrot

Parrots aren’t known for their ability to be quiet, but if you genuinely want a parrot but don’t want to deal with the noise, a couple on this list might meet the bill. The Senegal parrot is one of these. It is a medium-sized bird with a reputation for being one of the quietest parrot species. It does not scream or screech as much as other, larger parrots.

This species has a bright, cheery demeanor, making it an excellent pet. However, once it comes to know you, chances are it will want to spend the entire day perched on your shoulder!

It is a lovely bird that enjoys human company and can survive for over 30 years, making it an excellent lifetime companion. To maintain Senegal parrots – and keep them quiet! – you may wish to provide toys and amusement.

They like chewing on softwood bits and playing with rope toys (watch out for long errant threads that can get tangled around their necks). They aren’t picky eaters and will eat almost anything. However, because these birds are prone to obesity, give your Senegal parrot plenty of activity.

Bourke’s Parrot

Bourke’s parrots, also known as Bourke’s parakeets, are recognized for their quiet, easygoing disposition. However, they are active and talkative first thing in the morning, and their noise level is still much lower than that of other parrots at dusk.

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They are energetic birds that require some space to fly around, but other than that, these two-ounce, pint-sized birds are easy to handle — and relatively quiet!


If you prefer to keep things quiet, another bird to consider is the cockatiel. Like the parrots we’ve just mentioned, Cockatiels are lively and lovely to look at. On the other hand, Cockatiels are even quieter than parrots and are both affectionate and bold, making them excellent pets.

They are curious and fun-loving, so the cockatiel is the way to go if you want tranquil birds that are also easy to train. It would be preferable if you did not keep these gregarious, lively species with other birds. However, this might lead to stress and aggressiveness difficulties.

You should feed your cockatiel primarily pellets – and make sure to buy pellets made explicitly for cockatiels because they require extra vitamin A (but cannot contain salt, which is harmful).


At only five to eight inches long, the canary is a quiet bird species that may surprise you – after all, isn’t there an adage about someone who likes to talk that they “sing like a canary?” As members of the finch family, the canaries are, on the other hand, quite reserved. These birds are reclusive and like to be kept alone.

While male canaries are well-known for their ability to sing, they do it wonderfully! So – having female canaries can help reduce noise. The canaries are visually appealing, with bright yellow, white, orange, or red feathers. Some even have exquisite head crests and feather tufts!


If you don’t mind a little noise, the soothing cooing of a pet dove might be the way to go. Doves are peaceful, lovely pet birds that don’t require much attention. They are easy to raise and do not require much effort. Doves are only around a foot long and have brown and pale grey plumage, while some have pied, orange, and white feathering abnormalities.


Budgies, often known as parakeets, quickly learn to communicate. Budgerigars may chatter at you all day, but they make our list of quiet birds because they are physically incapable of raising their voices.

They can’t shout at the top of their lungs, but they can say hello now and then. Nonetheless, these little birds (which rarely grow more than seven or eight inches in length) are friendly and intelligent.

They enjoy playing with their owners, and while you will most likely need to offer them a variety of toys (as well as a few hours every day out of the cage for exercise), they are among the friendliest pet birds you can nurture.

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Pionus Parrot

The Pionus parrot is a final parrot species to consider when looking for tranquil birds to raise. The Pionus is a midsized parrot that is easy to raise. However, it is an amiable, sometimes standoffish bird. While some pet owners refuse to raise Pionus parrots because they fear they are not friendly enough, the truth is that your Pionus parrot will be as friendly as you make it.

The more you interact with your pet, the better it will be as a companion. If you raise your Pionus parrot among other, louder birds, they may become more shy and reclusive.

It is easily overwhelmed by the presence of other birds and dislikes being mixed in with them. As a result, if you wish to get the full benefits of your Pionus parrot’s presence, you should raise it yourself.


The finch, like the canary, may surprise you to see it on this list. But, on the other hand, Finches make excellent friends since, while talkative, they have little voices that are less likely to disrupt your day. These birds are prone to anxiety, especially if their cage is frequently moved if they live in a noisy environment. These factors can lead your finches to become stressed and louder than usual.

As a result, if you intend to reign finches, it is critical to maintaining a peaceful, serene environment. You can accustom your finch to your presence by handling it frequently and providing goodies regularly.

Aside from the finch’s gentler disposition, there are numerous more reasons to consider keeping this pet bird species. First, finches are tiny so you won’t need a lot of cage room for them. Because they primarily eat seeds, feeding them is affordable and straightforward.


As you might have guessed from the name, parrotlets are parrots – only smaller! One advantage of raising parrotlets, especially if you want peaceful birds, is that they lack the intrinsic aptitude or impulse to scream and shout as large parrots do.

Instead, these birds chirp gently, which is unlikely to annoy anyone in your home. These adventurous, lively birds prefer many toys and rooms in their surroundings. However, they are feisty and stubborn, making them tough to train.

However, they quickly bond with humans, making them an excellent choice if you’re searching for quiet birds that are also fantastic friends.

Pacific Parrotlets

Parrotlets are tiny birds that are kind and lively. People who want an active pet and companion might think about getting one. Like their larger cousins, the parakeets, they are unable to shriek and scream and instead chirp most of the time softly.

This bird’s fascination stems from its ability to socialize. Simultaneously, regular engagement keeps the parrotlets happy and healthy.

Parrotlets are one of the most incredible pet birds for apartment living because they don’t produce a lot of noise. Their modest stature and lung capacity will ensure that no one will be bothered even if they are in the mood to sing.

User Questions

What is the most peaceful bird?

Doves are seen as symbols of peace and love worldwide, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most peaceful bird species. These calm, sweet-tempered birds make wonderful pets and are suitable for apartment living.

What is the name of the silent bird?

Like the Cockatiel, Parakeet, and Budgie, several bird species are notable for their silence. The canaries, Senegal parrots, and Pacific parrotlets might also be included.

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Which bird is the best communicator?

Many consider the African grey parrot to be the smartest of the talking birds, with hundreds of words. In addition, these birds are well-known for their fantastic ability to understand and imitate human speech.

Are parakeets noisy companions?

Parakeets are loud but not as loud as other parrots. If you obtain them in pairs, they will virtually constantly converse. However, when left alone, parakeets remain boisterous and chatty.

What kind of bird is a songbird?

All songbirds are perching birds, members of the passerine group, with a unique toe arrangement that allows them to grab branches. Passerines are divided into three suborders, the largest being Passeri. Passeri suborder birds are known as oscines or songbirds.


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