Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel

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Tibetan spaniels are petite, bright, and friendly dogs who enjoy spending time with their owners. Learn more about the Tibetan Spaniel and how to live with one.

Tibetan Spaniels have long been a favourite pet of monks, lamas, and other spiritual leaders living in Tibet’s towering Himalayan Mountains, and they’re now gaining popularity as family pets in the United States as well. These cuddly, feisty little dogs with trademark curled tails are still relatively uncommon, but make no mistake: their easygoing personality, joyful mood, and devoted, steadfast companionship are winning over more and more pet parents.

Linda Simon, MVB, MRCVS, consulting veterinarian at FiveBarks, states, “The Tibetan spaniel is a rare breed of pedigree dog with a lot to offer.” “These small dogs are not as popular as their close relatives, the Shih Tzu and Lhasa apso, although they are from the same part of the world.”

User Questions

Are Tibetan Spaniels suitable as family pets?

Tibetan Spaniels are friendly and protective of youngsters, but their small size makes them vulnerable to injury from hard treatment, so they’re best suited to households with children who are at least 6 years old and know not to taunt. Tibetan Spaniels get along with other dogs and cats in most cases.

What are the prices of Tibetan Spaniels?

Adopting a Tibetan Spaniel costs roughly $300 to cover the dog’s care costs before adoption. Purchasing Tibetan Spaniels from breeders, on the other hand, can be unreasonably expensive. They range in price from $800 to $4,000, depending on their breeding.

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Is it true that Tibetan Spaniels enjoy cuddling?

Tibetan spaniels are independent and do not demand much attention, despite their passion for cuddling. They’re also excellent watchdogs. When it’s hot outside, Tibetan spaniels are prone to heatstroke, so take extra care.

What is the average lifespan of Tibetan Spaniel dogs?

12–15 years

What is the size of a Tibetan Spaniel?


10 inches


9–15 pounds

Tibetan Spaniels come in a variety of hues.

  • Red
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Black
  • White

Is it possible to train Tibetan Spaniels?

Tibetan Spaniels are very trainable, although they will frequently only undertake certain duties when they are in the mood and will walk away if they are not in the mood.

Is it difficult to teach Tibetan Spaniels?

The Tibetan Spaniel has been compared to a cat because of his independent character and swift agility. This good-natured dog is easy to live with because he is lively, playful, peaceful, and laid-back. Because the Tibetan Spaniel is sensitive, stubborn, and self-reliant, obedience training should include food and praise.

Do Tibetan spaniels have two coats?

The Tibetan Spaniel has a silky double coat that is medium in length. The fur around the face is smooth, and it becomes longer around the neck to make a shawl. The front and back legs, as well as the ears and tail, are all feathered. Any hue or combination of colours can be used on their coat.

Do Tibetan Spaniels have a distinct odour?

To avoid earwax buildup, wipe and clean your ears once a week. There are no noticeable odours in the Tibetan Spaniel. Because of its moderate energy level, it is critical to provide adequate exercise, like walks or yard activities.

Do Tibetan Spaniels have trouble breathing?

Because of their short features, Tibetan Spaniels are prone to respiratory difficulties and overheating in hot weather. In addition, they may be allergic to the pollen in the spring and summer.

Are Tibetan Spaniels suitable for senior citizens?

Tibetan Spaniels can live almost anyplace due to their size. They are equally at home in a small apartment on a large estate. They are excellent companions for elders because they do not require much daily exercise.

Is it true that Tibetan Spaniels bark?

Tibetan Spaniels are prone to excessive barking, particularly if they are scared or left alone for lengthy periods. However, their inherent watchdog talents keep them constantly on the lookout.

How often should a Tibetan Spaniel be bathed?

Bathing and grooming are required regularly for the Tibetan Spaniel. Depending on the dog’s activity level and coat quality, this friendly breed can be cleaned and groomed as often as once a week to once every six weeks.

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Is it true that Tibetan spaniels suffer from separation anxiety?

When Tibetan Spaniels are left alone for an extended period, they become worried and develop separation anxiety. Therefore, it is critical to keep these small, intelligent canines occupied; otherwise, they will seek entertainment and become extremely noisy or destructive.

What is the recommended amount of food for a Tibetan spaniel?

Tibetan Spaniels’ Favorite Dog Food Every dog, even this breed, deserves a variety of high-quality dog food. However, because their bodies are small, they should only require 3/4 to 1 cup of food every day.

Is it true that Tibetan Spaniels are finicky eaters?

The Tibetan Spaniel is not the breed for you if you don’t want a dog that licks or wants to be loved. Some Tibbies have a reputation for being fussy eaters. High-quality dog food should be fed to Tibbies. Some types of anaesthetic have been documented to cause Tibetan Spaniels to become hypersensitive.

Tibetan Spaniels have what health issues?

Tibetan Spaniels are susceptible to bacterial and viral illnesses, such as parvo, rabies, and distemper, that affect all dogs. Many of these infections can be avoided with a vaccine, which we will advise depending on the diseases we find in our area, hereditary factors, and other considerations.


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