Timor Pony

Timor Pony

Here we can see, “Timor Pony”

The Timor Pony is the tiniest of the Indonesian ponies, having originated on the Indonesian island of Timor. However, its enhanced stamina and robust temperament have made it a valuable workhorse in recent years.

Though few data regarding how these horses came to be have been discovered, it is thought that they were inspired by the few Indian horses who were sent to Timor. They are often confused with the Flores Pony, which was produced on the neighbouring Flores Island and stands 12.1 hands tall and comes in chestnut and bay colours.

Timor Ponies can be found in the gullies and hills of the island of Timor. However, many of them were carried to Australia in the early nineteenth century, and they helped establish the foundation stock for various newer breeds such as the Coffin Bay Pony and the Waler Horse. Graziers and adventurers utilised them as pack horses as well.

The Timor Pony was useful for various duties on the goldfields, and many of them were released into the wild after the Gold Rush. These ponies can still be found in the northern parts of Australia, and the Australian Pony Stud Book oversees their breeding. Many of these dogs were brought from Australia to work on goldfields in New Zealand between the 19th and 20th centuries, and they gained popularity there as well. It’s also been stated that they arrived in New Zealand as trick ponies with Australian circus troupes, with the undesired ones being released into the bushes.

User Questions

Timor Pony lives for how long?

25 – 30 years

What is the size of a Timor Pony?


40 – 48 inches


300 – 365 pounds

What colours does Timor Pony come in?

  • Bay
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Grey
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Is it true that ponies are healthier than horses?

According to pony owners, ponies are harder, sharper, stronger, and healthier than horses. As a result, they are tougher, have fewer hoof issues, and are less susceptible to some types of colic. They also use a lot less fuel. As a result, ponies are kept round and vigorous by rations that starve a horse.

What kind of pony is the rarest?

With fewer than 250 left on the earth, the Newfoundland pony, Dales pony, and Sorraia horse are the rarest and most critically endangered.

Is it possible to breed a horse and a pony?

Ponies and horses may and frequently do crossbreed. Their offspring are usually tough and have good temperaments, making them appropriate for various horse activities.

Horses eat carrots.

Your horse will ALWAYS want another treat because horses are programmed to eat modest amounts of food regularly, so learn to say no for his sake. What to serve as a treat For healthy horses, almost any fruit and many vegetables are safe treats. Apples and carrots are popular choices.

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Is it possible for ponies to eat bread?

Although bread may appear harmless, all baked items can turn into an unpleasant doughy mass and cause a blockage, resulting in colic. In addition, bread has no nutritional value and isn’t particularly tasty, so keep it away from your horse.

Do horses enjoy being ridden?

The majority of horses are comfortable being ridden. However, when it comes to loving being ridden, most horses are more likely to endure it than enjoy it. However, as you’ll see, the answer isn’t set in stone and varies depending on the horse. Horses have been intentionally bred for riding for a long, but they did not evolve to transport humans.

Is it true that horses get cold?

Like the rest of us, horses are mammals, and they will become chilled in hard winter weather. However, you don’t have to keep your horse indoors all winter; horses can survive colder temperatures because of their hardy natures.


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