Tolfetano Horse

Tolfetano Horse

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The Tolfetano Horse is a domesticated equine breed endemic to Italy’s Lazio area. This is a severely endangered breed on the edge of extinction, with the AIA, the breed’s official registration, taking steps to help it grow. They were bred primarily for agricultural use as livestock guardians, but they were also bred for meat at the same time. They are now utilised for everyday riding and even horse exhibitions. They are known for their varied agility as well as their gaited skills.

The Tolfetano horses, originally from the Monti della Tolfa (Meramma Laziale) area of central Italy, comprising the then Etruscan province between Rome and Viterbo, were already well-known to ancient Etruscans. However, following agricultural technology development until 1940, the total number of Italian equines suffered a significant drop. These horses were mostly utilised for agricultural operations at the time, such as rounding up animals and so forth.

There are various ideas on the history of the Tolfetano breed’s development. According to some experts, they are thought to have originated by crossing the indigenous horse with the Spanish and Barb types. Other scholars, however, believe that the Tolfetano breed represented the original version of the primitive Maremmano horse before Thoroughbred blood was introduced into the Maremmanos. Some researchers believe the Tolfetanos descended from a mediaeval Mongolian breed transported throughout Italy by the Lombardian and Bulgarian invasions.

The invaders reached the Italian lands with their Lombardian horses, from which the Tolfetanos are said to have descended, during the Bulgarian conquest of Northern Italy. The Italian Breeders Association (Associazione Italiana Allevatori – A.I.A) was founded in 1944, following World War II, to rehabilitate the whole Italian equine breeds that had been ravaged during the crisis. The association officially registered the Tolfetano during this time. However, these horses are currently being bred for meat on pastures unsuitable for cattle farming.

User Questions

What is the lifespan of Tolfetano Horses?

25 – 31 years

What is the size of a Tolfetano Horse?


56.4 – 60.8 inches


900 – 1000 pounds

Tolfetano horses come in a variety of hues.

  • Black
  • Chestnut
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What is the average lifespan of a saddlebred horse?

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Which horse breed is the toughest?

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