Top Cages for Pet Rats

Top Cages for Pet Rats

Here we can see, “Top Cages for Pet Rats”

The bigger the better when it comes to pet rat cages. Aim for a space of at least 2 cubic feet per rat. It’s also vital to pay attention to the wire spacing, which should be no more than 1-inch by 2-inch for adults and smaller for babies. Wire-bottomed cages should be avoided. Most of the cages here have wire balconies or second floors, and any wire should be covered with wood or similar solid material to produce a surface that is softer on rat feet (wire floors have been implicated as a cause of bumblefoot).

Martin’s Skyscraper (R-695)

This is a decently large cage at a reasonable price. It’s a massive cage, measuring 30 inches by 18 inches by 36 inches, with two balconies and a full middle floor providing plenty of extra space (three ramps total). A drop-in plastic pan is included with every Martin cage. They come in galvanised or powder-coated finishes, and most of them now have a handy flip-top lid. However, most of Martin’s cages include wire mesh balconies that should be covered at least partially for foot comfort.

Martin’s Cages Rat Tower (R-690)

This cage is taller than the skyscraper at 24 inches by 14 inches by 36 inches, but it is shorter in length and width. It does, however, include a whole middle story, two balconies (and three ramps), and plenty of additional space. It comes in a galvanised or powder-coated finish and has a flip-top lid, just like the rest of Martin’s cages.

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Martin’s The Rat Retreat (R-685)

This is a good-sized cage. It has dimensions of 30 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches and a full second level. The ramp has a landing to keep it from becoming overly steep. The cage has a 3.5-inch drop-in style plastic pan and a full flip-top that allows access to the top level. It comes in galvanised or powder-coated finishes, but not with a flip-top.

The Rat Highrise (H-600HR)

While the total dimensions of this cage are smaller (18 inches by 11 inches by 24 inches), it has two balconies and a whole middle floor to compensate. This gives their rat more vertical area while not taking up too much space, which is ideal if you live in a small apartment.It comes in galvanised or powder-coated finishes and features a drop-in plastic pan, just like the rest of Martin’s cages. It’s also reasonably priced.

Martin’s Rat Lodge (R-680)

This cage is a good size for the money, measuring 30 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches with two balconies and two ramps. It isn’t quite as big as some of the other cages, but it’ll suffice for a couple of rats.

The Ruud Cage (R-699)

With dimensions of 30 inches by 18 inches by 60 inches, this is the largest rat cage available. This structure has seven levels, six ramps, four balconies, and two full floors. The cage’s floor is made of a solid black pan. It comes in galvanised and powder-coated metal finishes. While it is more pricey, it is still a good deal for such a large cage.

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Martin’s Aquarium Toppers

These are a one-of-a-kind way to turn old fish tanks into fantastic rat cages. The equipment rests atop aquariums, with a stairway connecting the aquarium to the wire cage levels. The two-story toppers (available for 10- or 20-gallon tanks) would turn modest tanks into three-story cages. The fact that you can provide a nice thick layer of bedding that your rats will have a hard time throwing out all over your floor is a key benefit of this layout.

The Rat Cabin (R-670)

With dimensions of 24 inches by 14 inches by 24 inches, this cage from Martin’s is a tad on the tiny side for a pair of rats. On the other hand, two modest balconies with ramps contribute to providing additional floor space and exercise opportunities. A 3-inch drop-in pan keeps the bedding contained. The cage comes in galvanised or powder-coated finishes, with a flip-top cover as an option.

User Questions

Do rats prefer vertical or horizontal cages?

It’s a matter of personal preference whether you have horizontal or vertical bars; my young and senior rats will gladly climb either. Adult rats, particularly males, can be housed in cages with bar spacings of 0.8–1.0 inch (2–2.5 cm), but this can be hazardous to young animals.

Are two rats better than three?

Rats can be housed in pairs, but a trio or more is more common because they form their own social network. When a pair of rats become upset with one another, they will exhibit dominant behaviour. This can be avoided by training that is fun and takes place outside of the cage.

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Is a saucer or wheel better for rats?

Saucer wheels are among the safest of all the wheels available. Because the floor is firm, there is less possibility of limbs and tails becoming stuck. In addition, the rat can run in its normal stance. They don’t have to arch their backs, which makes exercising much more comfortable for them.

Can two male rats live together?

Yes, completely male and female rats can peacefully coexist in single-sex groups, and neutered males can live with either males or females. If you keep complete males with females, however, they will almost always breed.

Do rats like playing in water?

Some rats will like splashing and playing in the water, while others will become extremely disturbed, anxious, and upset. Furthermore, when rats are put into water or made to stay in it against their will, they become anxious.


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