Types of Domesticated Ferrets

Types of Domesticated Ferrets

Here we can see, “Types of Domesticated Ferrets”

Despite some being referred to as Angora, European, or Standard breeds, there is only one breed of domesticated pet ferret (not to be confused with wild European polecats or North American black-footed ferrets). The Latin name for the ferrets we keep as pets is Mustela putorius furo. However, pet ferrets come in a range of sizes and fur colours, lengths, and patterns.

The American Ferret Association has designated distinct names for the many hues and patterns that ferrets come in. The American Ferret Association (AFA) recognises seven different colours and patterns as breed standards for ferrets. Ferrets are also called things like mitts (which means feet), bibs (which means under the chin), and masks (which means facial markings).

Sable Color

The most frequent ferrets are sable ferrets. This common brown ferret can be found in pet stores all around the United States. The guard, or top layer of hair, is a dark brown, while the undercoat is lighter, ranging from cream to white and even gold in hue.

Black Sable Color

A black sable ferret differs from an ordinary sable ferret in that it has darker guard hairs and a cream or white undercoat. The distinction between the blackish-brown guard hairs and the lighter undercoat is more noticeable.

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Chocolate Color

The guard hairs of the chocolate ferret have a milk chocolate colour with a white undercoat. The eyes are black, yet the nose might be pink or brown in colour.

Cinnamon Color

Cinnamon ferrets have a lighter brown to reddish hue and are not very frequent, despite the fact that they are not officially an AFA colour. Cinnamon has a white to golden undercoat, and the colour of its nose can range from beige to pink to brick red.

Champagne Color

Champagne ferrets have lighter guard hairs and white to cream undercoats and are often described as having a diluted chocolate hue. Their eyes are normally pale in colour, although they can also be a darker reddish hue.

Black Color

True black ferrets have black guard hairs and a white undercoat, making them darker than black sable ferrets. It will also have black eyes and a black nose, but the nose may be visible on occasion.

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Albino Color

A true albino ferret has red or pink eyes, a pink nose, and is white to cream in colour. Albinos are ferrets with pink eyes and noses that are white or cream in colour.

Dark-Eyed White Color

A dark-eyed white or black-eyed white ferret has white to cream fur but burgundy eyes, which distinguishes it from an albino ferret.

Ferrets can have a variety of patterns in addition to distinct colours.

  • Standard pattern – A ferret’s entire body should be the same colour, but lighter than a solid and with noticeable points, similar to a solid pattern.
  • Striped pattern – The striped pattern, often known as the pattern, is not a real AFA pattern, but it consists of a ferret that is almost entirely white with around 10% of the guard hairs having deeper colours. It’s usually a white or cream ferret with a brown stripe along the back.
  • Roan pattern – This pattern indicates that approximately half of the guard hairs are white and the other half are ferret colour. Except for white ferrets, all colours of ferrets can have roan patterns.
  • Point pattern – Point patterned ferrets, also known as colour point or Siamese, have a notable contrast in colour saturation or hue on the legs, feet, tail, shoulders, and face. This pattern can appear in any hue other than white and resembles Siamese cat colours.
  • Mutt pattern – Colors, roanings, spots, and other patterns can all be found in the mutt pattern. This design serves as a sort of catch-all for ferrets with a variety of colours or patterns.
  • Blaze pattern – A blaze pattern is a streak of colour that runs from the back of the head down the neck and can be any colour except white. The eyes of blaze ferrets are dark red or brown, the nose is pinkish, and the tail, feet, and knees are normally white. There are also some differences, like a white bib, spotted bellies, and sometimes white guard furs.
  • Solid pattern – A solid pattern, as the name suggests, should be a solid hue. A solid design can be any colour except white.
  • Panda pattern – The panda pattern appears to be just as it sounds. A panda-patterned ferret has a contrasting head and body hue, similar to a panda bear. Mitts can be observed on the feet and sometimes the tail, and darker colours can be found around the hips and shoulders. On occasion, small coloured rings appear around the eyes of panda ferrets.

User Questions

What is the difference between a ferret and a weasel?

Ferrets and weasels are related, but they are not the same animal. Ferrets are larger, more domesticated, and more docile than rabbits. Weasels are more aggressive and have longer tails.

How much is a ferret?

Ferets range in price from $100 to $300, depending on the hue.

Where can I buy a ferret?

Ferrets can be found in pet stores, but you can also look for local breeders.

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Can ferrets get COVID?

The virus has previously been found in a ferret in Slovenia. After the ferret displayed clinical signs such as sneezing and coughing, samples were obtained. COVID-19 is thought to have been spread to the ferret by a human who had it.

Can I take my ferret for a walk?

Many ferrets will enjoy brief walks outside if properly trained. Keep walks brief (no more than 5-10 minutes at a time, especially if the ferret is elderly and may be arthritic), be patient, and don’t push if a ferret resists.

Can ferrets play on grass?

You can fill a box with grass clippings, leaves, and other outdoor materials for your ferret to climb through. When ferrets are taken outside, they will begin exploring as soon as their adorable little paws hit the ground.


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