Types of Guinea Pig Cages

Types of Guinea Pig Cages

Here we can see, “Types of Guinea Pig Cages”

If you think keeping a guinea pig is as simple as placing it in an aquarium, you’re mistaken. Individual cages are unsuitable for guinea pigs because they lack adequate room or have other potentially harmful features. Therefore, it’s critical to choose a suitable shelter for your cavy!


Aquariums were once a popular way to keep guinea pigs, and they’re still popular among those who don’t do their homework before purchasing one.

At first glance, an aquarium appears to be an excellent choice because it is inexpensive, sturdy (as long as you don’t drop it because it is made of glass), and simple to maintain. But unfortunately, the poor guinea pig inside doesn’t receive any air circulation because of the solid sides.

For a single guinea pig, standard aquariums are likewise far too small. Cavies are gregarious animals who thrive when kept in groups of two or more, making housing multiples in an aquarium much more difficult for them. Even though most guinea pigs prefer being among other members of their species, they will fight if their living conditions are too small.

The solid glass of the aquarium muffles sound, which is another issue. But, again, if you take a guinea pig out of that setting and suddenly inundated with unmuffled noise, it may become nervous.

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Cages from Pet Stores

A wide range of cages suitable for guinea pigs can be found in pet stores. Unfortunately, most don’t meet the suggested minimum size of 7.5 square feet for a single guinea pig and 7.5 to 10.5 square feet for a pair.

Be wary of cages marketed as “starter homes,” which usually imply that they are inexpensive and small. There are also larger cages available, such as the Living World Deluxe Extra Large Habitat, which is still small but will suffice in an emergency.

Ledges are common in commercial cages, although they don’t count toward the square footage. It’s convenient for storing food and hanging water bottles over their shelves, so they don’t drip on their mattress, but it’s not really “living space.”

If you opt to acquire your guinea pig a cage from a pet store, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get a big enough one. So instead, you may need to purchase two and connect them with stuff like tunnels. Just make sure that joining two cages gives your guinea pig more room to run than two small cages to switch between.

Cubes and Coroplast

The gold standard of guinea pig housing is created from storage cube grids and Coroplast, a form of corrugated plastic used in sign construction. They provide plenty of space for piggies to explore, and many owners prefer to line them with felt rather than traditional bedding for a smoother surface and quick clean-up. The grids are combined with conventional connections and cable ties for added strength.

Suppose you have other pets, like cats; you’ll need a lid for your C&C cage. Wire shelves work well as lids. Your cage can have an open-top if you don’t have any potential predators in your home.

Big box stores sell storage cube grids, and sign businesses normally sell corrugated plastic to consumers on request so that you may create your C&C cage for a low cost.

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Cages Made at Home

Although combining cubes and Coroplast is the most straightforward method of creating your cage, you may be creative and use other materials. A child’s swimming pool, for example, can be a terrific place for guinea pigs to play if the sides are tall enough so they can’t jump out.

If you can’t obtain Coroplast, you can create a cage out of grids and cover it with a shower curtain. The only limit to the design of your cage is your imagination, as long as it is safe for guinea pigs.

User Questions

What is a C&C cage?

Cubes and coroplast cages are abbreviated as C&C. The cubes are the grids that make up the cage structure, and the coroplast is the plastic that makes up the cage’s base.

Can guinea pigs live in 2 level cages?

While some small animals like to climb on multi-level platforms in their cages, guinea pigs prefer flat, open areas. In addition, Guinea pigs are afraid of heights, so even a moderate ramp going to a second level may be too terrifying for them to undertake.

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Is it better to have 2 male or 2 female guinea pigs?

Two females or a neutered man and a female are the best combinations. If you want to keep a group of three or more guinea pigs, having more than one male is not recommended because it can lead to resource conflicts.

Do guinea pigs require vaccinations?

While guinea pigs do not require vaccines, it is recommended that you take your pet to a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about guinea pigs for a basic checkup at least once a year.

Can 3 brother guinea pigs live together?

It’s not big enough for three pigs of any kind, let alone three boars. It isn’t suitable for the purpose for which it was offered to you. Boars require significantly more space than sows if they are to live peacefully. Unfortunately, our experience suggests that a trio of young boars will not survive to adulthood as a trio.


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