Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Here we can see, “Victoria Crowned Pigeon”

The Victoria crowned pigeon is an enthralling ground bird due to its striking beauty and intelligence. It is frequently seen in zoos and aviaries. While this is a lovely bird, it is not one for beginners. Even pigeon enthusiasts and seasoned bird owners must guarantee they have the committed space and attention these magnificent birds demand.

The Victoria crowned pigeon, which originated in New Guinea and was introduced to adjacent islands, has been raised captive for hundreds of years. They are a regular sight at zoos and aviaries throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, while they are somewhat uncommon in the pet bird trade.

This is the world’s most giant pigeon and the closest living relative of the extinct dodo bird. It was called in honour of Queen Victoria due to its regal poise and gleaming blue crown with exquisite lace-like markings.

Victoria crowned pigeons were targeted for their meat and feathers in New Guinea’s tropical rainforests. The wild population had fallen fast due to hunting and habitat damage, putting the species in danger of extinction. It has progressed from “threatened” and “vulnerable” to “near threatened” status as a protected species. Deforestation of the species’ natural habitat continues.

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Victoria crowned pigeons are well-known for their intelligence and ease of taming. This bird is naturally gentle, so it is a popular attraction at zoos. They are frequently let to roam freely on the grounds and are the happiest scavenging for food on the ground and walking around.

This bird can fly short distances but will only do so when necessary, most commonly when startled, in danger, or need of a high roost in the woods for the night.

User Questions

What makes the Victoria crowned pigeon unique?

The Victoria crowned pigeon is one of three pigeon species indigenous to New Guinea. It is so named because of its head’s graceful, blue, lace-like crest. They hunt for fallen fruit (especially figs), berries, seeds, and insects on the forest floor.

What is the best place to find a Victoria crowned pigeon?

The Victoria crowned pigeon is found in northern New Guinea’s lowland and swamp forests and the adjacent islands. It is typically found on former alluvial plains, including sago forests.

Is the Victoria crowned pigeon capable of flight?

They stroll around the woodland floor in a leisurely manner. Victoria crowned pigeons spend most of their time on the ground and only fly up into trees to roost at night or when disturbed. When startled, these birds take flight directly towards the canopy or a huge horizontal branch of a tall forest tree.

How long is the life expectancy of a Victoria crowned pigeon?

20 – 25 years

What is the size of a Victoria crowned pigeon?


29 -30 inches


1400 – 1814 grams

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Which colours do Victoria crowned pigeons come in?

Deep blue-grey

Why are crowned pigeons threatened with extinction?

Due to continued habitat destruction, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is becoming reasonably scarce. It is tame and easily caught for its plumes and flesh.

Are pigeons capable of remembering your face?

According to a new study, if you shoo a pigeon, the bird will likely remember you and avoid you the next time you meet the path. The researchers discovered that untrained wild pigeons could recognise individual people’s faces and are unfazed by clothing changes.

Do pigeons form attachments with humans?

Pigeons form strong bonds with humans, particularly those who provide them with food, and a domesticated pigeon kept alone will become a devoted and loyal companion to its human.

Pigeons sleep in a variety of locations.

Because pigeons do not sleep in their nests, they must seek alternate sites to relax. Pigeons seek to find shelters that will keep them warm during the night and protect them from predators. They frequently find this refuge on the roofs of homes and other structures.


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