What Do Chinchillas Enjoy Playing With?

What Do Chinchillas Enjoy Playing With?

Here we can see, “What Do Chinchillas Enjoy Playing With?”

Chinchillas are curious, lively animals with a lot of energy to expend in a small box. Toys and activities can assist in keeping your chinchilla happy and healthy, but they must also be safe.

Dust Baths for Chinchillas

You would not think of dust baths as toys for chinchillas, but they get so excited when they see one that they enjoy it just as much as any other toy.

Dust baths can be built at home using a large bowl, but glass fish bowls and specifically designed dust bath houses for chinchillas are cleaner solutions. Your pet simply needs a very small amount of chinchilla dust to keep its coat healthy and have some fun rolling about. Dust baths should be given only twice or three times per week.

Chinchilla Chewing Toys

Chinchillas, like other rodents, have teeth that continue to grow throughout their lifetimes. Gnawing and chewing on items keeps chinchilla teeth tidy and in good operating order. Therefore, this is a natural and important pastime for pet chinchillas.

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Chinchillas like to chew on a variety of branches, but be sure to use safe wood like willow, apple, poplar, and aspen tree branches. Cherry, citrus fruit trees, redwood, cedar, and other evergreen trees should be avoided. You can also supply a choice of untreated wooden toys. The small animal department of the pet store has a lot of possibilities, but the bird section has even more. Manzanita branches, pumice stones, or mineral blocks are also suitable chewing materials for chinchillas.

Chinchilla Toys for Climbing

Chinchillas are quick and enjoy climbing, so offering creative options in their cages is important. Sitting platforms of various heights, ladders, big blocks of wood or bricks, perches, branches, and cloth hammocks are some of the alternatives. Arrange these climbing toys in your chinchilla’s cage such that they are stable and won’t fall over when your chinchilla climbs on them.

Chinchilla Exercise Wheels and Balls

Running on exercise wheels is a favourite pastime for many chinchillas. These wheels must be large and have a solid, non-spoked surface. A little wire hamster wheel is insufficiently large and dangerous for a chinchilla’s tail. The majority of these wheels come with a stand or can be connected to a cage.

Large enclosed balls should be used with caution when racing about outside the cage. They should only be used for short periods of time and out of direct sunlight because they do not provide adequate ventilation. Small exercise balls meant for smaller rodents should be avoided since they are too small for chinchillas.

Chinchilla Toys to Hide In

Chinchillas value a safe area to hide and find it entertaining to hide when playing with their peers. You can use commercial pet rabbit or guinea pig houses, but you can also create a hiding spot for your chinchilla out of PVC pipes, clay pipes, or clay pots. Even cardboard boxes can be utilised, though they will almost certainly be eaten up and replaced. If you use a long enough piece of PVC pipe, it can also serve as a fun tunnel for your chinchilla to run through.

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Chinchilla Toys for Outside the Cage

Chinchillas love to explore, and if they are permitted outside their cages, this is the first thing they will do. Exploring is a great way for your chinchilla to not only exercise its body but also its mind. Physical exercise is crucial, but mental stimulation is just as important.

You’ll want to be sure your chinchilla will gladly return to its cage or that you can capture it before you let it out to play. When it’s time to return to the cage, the last thing you want to do is stress your chinchilla by pursuing it.

Outside of the cage, your pet’s playtime can be hazardous to him. Chinchillas are curious creatures who study a wide range of objects by biting into them to check if they are tasty. Because of their natural curiosity, chinchillas should be allowed to leave the cage in a room that has been completely chinchilla-proofed, and close supervision is required. In a chinchilla-proof environment, there should be no exposed wires or cords, no spots to get stuck, and no vents that can be accessible.

User Questions

What do chinchillas like in their cage?

Chinchillas, like other rodents, enjoy chewing; hence, wire-mesh cages are preferred over timber cages. Galvanized wire shouldn’t be used because it has zinc in it, which is bad for you if you eat it.

What makes a chinchilla happy?

As part of their investigation, chinchillas enjoy gnawing and biting things. Keep in mind that everything in the room that could harm your chinchilla should be avoided. Allowing your chinchilla to do things at its own pace and play in a safe and familiar setting will make it happy.

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Do chinchillas like to cuddle?

While chinchillas do not want to be cuddled, they are quite affectionate with their owners. They’re naturally curious and like getting out of their chinchilla cages anytime they can—as long as they’re overseen by their pet parent!

Do chinchillas laugh?

Finally, chinchillas have a warning call that they use to communicate with the rest of the herd. The chinchilla’s warning call is a succession of noises that almost sound like it’s laughing or sobbing. When Chinchillas appear to be sleeping and their surroundings are quiet, they will emit this sound.

Do chinchillas like hammocks?

A hammock is an inexpensive option to provide your chinchilla a place to sleep or explore, while also providing more space in their cage. A hammock is a fantastic addition to any enclosure since many rodents prefer having nice, enclosed locations where they can retreat if they feel frightened or overwhelmed.


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